Steemit Name Challenge - Where The @logic Name Came From?

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Ughhh what an annoying challenge... :S

Ok, so I got challenged by @guiltyparties.

The Rules:

▪️ Tell us in your post how you chose the current Steemit username you have, the story behind it.
▪️ Tell us your real name!
▪️ If you could change your current Steemit username, which name would you choose and why? If you have a possible usernames list, mention it!* Use the tag #steemitnamechallenge so that I can track all the posts and check them out
▪️ Nominate 5 people for this challenge

Fuck the rules.

The Response:

There is no real story behind it. I had to create some username so it was probably one of the first words that came to my mind when signing up. Probably it was referring to my annoyance with lack of logic in communication between people on various web forums, discussions, comment sections, etc.

And my real name? Non of your business.
That's only for people I get to know better :P

Now for the next victims...


None. This shit's got to stop. Someone's got to break the chain.

I hate chain letters.

[ Rage Against The Machine - "Killing In the Name" / Source: YouTube ]

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I liked that .....says ....F**k the Rules.....



You can write it without censorship. Don't worry. No one will punish you here :-)

Haha just what we need right now with all the Fakebook crap going on. I know your name and your secret is safe with me @logic As for my username. It would take way to long to explain and many people have the attention span of a... :) I forgot what this was about haha. tip!


Yeah haha. I remember the origins of your username. I have short attention span when it comes to names but for some reason it stayed in my memory. :-P


Once met never forgotten haha. How's it going over there?


Was great when the value of STEEM was high :-) Can't complain about it.

Now the value is ridiculous so my work for SC is just volunteering again. There is no reward except personal satisfaction :-)


There is a lot to be said for personal satisfaction. should throw some delegation to you guys?
Steem will pick up when the public get a clue what it can do.
This current crypto crash will expose it to more eyeballs hopefully.
Keep plugging away buddy.


We have delegation for SC but it cannot be used to upvote anyone, including SC. It's only for flagging.

All the curation we get is from generous supporters who can as well drop out any time.

Hi @logic! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @molometer!

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It's very logic lol.
I hate rules too, btw.


I don't mind some rules if they are logical :-)


Hi @logic, I am from curie Thailand and would like to talk to you about a message you send to the chat at @tookta you can reach me on discord @ricko66, thank you.



If you have any inquires, please reach me in Steemcleaners Discord channel.
Thank you