Steemitnamechallenge: The Name Jeline

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Hello lovelies, this is steemitnamechallenge, I really don't know who started this fun, but I got nominated by @vheobong.

I am Joyce Ibia, with username name @jeline. It does sound sweet and simple, right? Yea right


OK, the story behind the name Jeline

Jeline was birthed from three names, far back in my secondary school days. I needed something unique, simple and sweet. So the name was created from my real name (Joyce) and two of my nicknames (Lilybandel and Neutral) . Can't remember which came first, I kept playing with the three names, till I got the perfect acronym, then assembled them together.

The Formation
And then I integrated E to balance the equation, which gave me the name JELINE

I dumped Neutral, rarely use Lilybandel, Jeline became my signature. On every platform, even my email address, I use Jeline. Why not on steemit? I didn't have to think twice while registering for steemit. I'm the only one with that name in this world, lol, but if you find another, do let me know.

If I was to change my username, I think I'd change it to ThorofAsgard. @pangoli gave me that name, and I've fallen in love with it. Well, I've come across interesting and funny names on steemit like @surpassinggoogle, @nairadaddy, @pangoli, @scarletmedia, @donkeypong, @adoore-eu, @greenrun, @holybranches, @nexrules(rules), @gnomicrules(rules), etc. I'd really love to know how it came about. Already started it on clinic fm, now I know the reason behind the names @antigenx, @godwine, @iconnelly, etc.

For this challenge, I'd be nomating @klynic, @onos, @creon, @datibomchic, @gnomicrules,
@jhaysnsonofbenz . Seriously guys, I want to know.

Rules for the Challenge

  • Accept the challenge

  • Tell us your real name

  • Give a story about your username

  • If you were to change your steemit user name, what would you change it to?

  • Use the tag #steemitnamechallenge so your entry can be easily tracked

  • Nominate 5 friends to take up the challenge

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Now I know.
I thought jeline was your real name before


Hahahaha, I'm also beginning to think it's my real name. Thanks for stopping back, pretty long. Do come around OK.

Oshey formation...
I love ooooh

I feel like nominating more people


Lol, thanks darling.

Aunty whale, just gather them all.

Okay, so now I know where the name came from.

Don't run off the stage yet, lol. what in the world is 'Lilybandel'?



Information is power, lol.

Don't run off the stage yet, lol.
I'm lost, put me in the know.

Uhm, my crush in school gave me that. She saw it somewhere and thought it was beautiful enough for me to bear it.

Good morning Jeline,

A-ha, now I know 😂😂😂😂

Oya LilyBandel is a go.
Sounds like a name suitable for the Shaku Shaku dance. It's just awesome the way it all came abut, it's a beauty of a name.

Seriously when I saw ThorOfAsgard, I would have fainted if not that I believed on the Lord, that he'll save me in the time of trouble. I was scared and that's why I never mention lightning in the discord channel, before I get struck from nowhere.

Keep being amazing. I should join this👍👍


Hahahaha, good morning dear
Thank you very much for the beautiful words.

Shaku Shaku dance, lightning... I'm rolling on the floor. I gat you OK.

Yeah, you should... Tell @gnomicrules, I await her response.

Blogger turned curator... Keep it up



Curator 😂, but you're very quick to notice that, I've been doing Curation of more recently. I just got a lot on my head, and I don't know how to put it down. But be rest assured I'll drop something asap and yeah I'll send the news to @gnomicrules.

Keep being amazing.

It's pretty nice knowing the mystery surrounding someone's name...
Lilybandel?.... Lmao
gatta ask :do I have to be nominated to join in this challenge?
Sounds like fun to me

  ·  last year (edited)

Lol, thanks dear.
You're free to join, this your name, I'd love to know.
Lemme add you to the nomination, I hope I don't misspell your name.

If someone wants to send steem/sbd, the person would have to think twice, if the gift would get to you or get lost, lol.


Lmao..... I'll sure remember to put this in my write up

  ·  last year (edited)

Hahaha, oh my, Neutral and Lilybandel got me laughing. My nickname is Jmilly. My name is Joshua Etim, but my high school classmtes used to call me Joshua Millipede instead, being that Millipede is the English version of Etim. So I brought Joshua and Millipede together and had Jmilly.



I'm rolling on the floor, millipede?
Jeez, this really got me cracked up.
Chai, Ibibio /Efik names no be here.

I'm just seeing this o.... Jeline😂. Challenge accepted... 💪


Aiit dear.