You never know what you're gonna catch fishing in Georgia!

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Good morning!

Lately we took a camping trip that involved some good ol' fishing.

You can't beat fishing on a lake in the evening. Or anytime. It's just fun and relaxing. Well, this time, we had company. We tried our darnest to get around him and away from him, but he was just too persistent. Finally he won...


This lil guy caught the bobber on my daughter's fishing pole...

Don't worry, we managed to get it back without harming him, or even breaking the line, actually, and gave up on fishing for that evening. That lil stinker!



We didn't catch anything else, but that's okay. We definitely made some memories! ♥


Thanks for stopping by! What's the weirdest thing you've accidentally caught?

Have a blessed day! ♥


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Not quite what you were fishing for I bet better Luk next time you go fishing

Haha I think we were just hoping for 'something'. Well... we got 'something'!

Well, something pretty cool if you ask me ;)

That alligator has some identity What did you use as bait? lol

Bah ha ha... He only wanted the bobber. I think she had some kind of shiny lure on there.

Oh my!!! We have been afraid to fish down here just for that reason, lol Wow, it really makes fishing an adventure :) Great to see you!

It was an adventure for sure!
Thanks! Its been super busy, but Im trying to make time for Steemit. ♥

And we are so happy that you are!

Ah well, no one says it is only fishes are allowed to live in there.

(Especially according to American / Chinese folklore) 🙂

Haha very true! We just didnt want to hurt the little guy. ;)

That is quite a catch :o

Thanks!! :D
It was a surprise...

I've never been in that part of the country, and I can't imagine catching one of those!

Heya @scribblinggramma, we love having grandma's as part of our mama group.

If you are ever interested in joining a community, please click on any of our banners, they all lead to our discord channel where we give a safe space for mamas (and supermamas aka grandmas) to learn about crypto and share their blog posts.

@metzli curating for steemitmamas.

Thank you! So far I have had no luck with figuring out Discord, but maybe one of these days I will.

We were just glad we didnt hook him and then have to deal with trying to unhook him! :D

Wow look at that little guy! So glad you were able to get the bobber and line back!

Thanks! It was kinda crazy! :D

You got the bobber back? I would have been running away and back to the car so fast I don't think I would have gotten started fishing! But that's why you are so much more cool than I am ;)

Thank you for sharing interesting stories and for using the steemitmamas tag and banner. We love having you <3

@metzli curating for steemitmamas.

Awww thanks so much!! Im telling you, its been SO hard finding time to get online period lately!
Between homeschooling, homesteading, and a plethora of extracurricular activities lately, its been just insane!
♥ all my steemitmama friends!