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Are you a mom or an expecting mom? Have you been looking for a group to relate to? Been needing to talk about breastfeeding, homeschooling, not enough hours in the day, vacation needs, potty training, handcrafts for the soul and parenting woes? Well I’ve got just the right place for you. @steemitmamas shares all of this and more and we have been waiting for YOU!

We are truly supporting one another from across the globe! I have never met so many different mamas from all around the world that I can call my friends. I have a genuine love for these mamas and am so overwhelmed at the support that I have received from them all. It’s quite Amazing how so many mamas from different walks of life can come together to encourage, uplift, motivate, inspire and to have FUN because we have lots of that going on in our Discord channel!


So What Do We Talk About?


General Mama Chat

Us mamas have a lot on our plates and minds. We love getting together to share about our day and what we may have planned. We take in the moment selfies and share them and some even share what they’ve prepared for breakfast. We love getting feedback on things and asking everyday life questions like: What do you do when you need a getaway but can’t get away? Lol okay that was really my question for the day. But you get the point. We also share about events, projects or contests we may be involved in. We all love supporting each other and just being there for anyone to talk to. The great thing is since we are all from around the globe there is usually someone always up and on Discord to chat with.

Let me warn you, when it gets late for some they really get 🤪 (okay I do too) LOL!! We have so much fun just goofing around and being who we are!! It really takes a load off from all of life’s pressures and demands!

Steemit FAQ Chat

Are you new to the Steemit plattform or need some questions answered? We know there is a learning curve here and we are all in this together. We share helpful links, tips and shortcuts to make your Steemit journey more understandable. Uploading pictures, powering up, useful tools and programs are just some of the few.


If you’re a homeschooling mom or thinking about becoming one you definitely want to join in this section. We have nice discussions about ways that have worked for us, curriculums, tools and supplies, links and some even share pics of their kids doing activities!! It’s a very encouraging and motivating section of our chat.

Crypto Talk

Now this is one I recently just joined in on. We have lots of mamas giving the crypto world a try so why not crypto talk? This is a fun section where mamas are sharing about the coins they are trying out and about other Discord groups you can join to get free coins. There are links shared, how to’s, and picture tutorials to help you. There are 3 mamas you will want to reach out to when you get there...I call them the “Cryptomom Gurus”! @metzli, @khimgoh and @mumma-monza have been doing a lot of research on certain coins and groups. They have been guiding us mamas along the way and I am so grateful for them! ❤️

Thoughts and Prayer Request

Although we have our fun and games we know that being a mom can be very trying at times. Sometimes life is just overwhelming and hard times strike as well as tragedy. We have this section for moms to reach out for thoughts and prayers. There are quite a few moms that visit this section regularly just to say “hey, I’m here for you and you’re not alone.”


We Welcome You With Open Arms!


So if @steemitmamas seems like a group you would enjoy and a place you could relax and unwind we welcome you with open arms. Come and join us as we journey on in this thing we call ‘Motherhood’! 💗

All pics are from Pixaby



This excellent post was included in the latest issue of The Inbox Runneth Over. Stop by when you have a minute and see what else I found along the trail. Your companions here are all interesting in their own way, and your support for this project and especially its occupants would be very much appreciated. Thank you for everything. Have a lovely day!

You have a nice and a very good group 🤗👍

Thank you! Are you considering joining us?

I certainly need to learn more about crypto @crosheille :D
Thank you

Well we can learn together!!! 😃🤗😁

The first photo is really cool with you and your daughter.

I'm totally not a good mama like those in the media: I had Caesarean, I didn't or couldn't do much breast feeding, I give my phone to my daughter sometimes etc ... ;) On the other hand I'm happy to show how to make clothes and daily stuffs, grow and cook food etc.

Cheers to Steemit mama community! I enjoy reading and learning from posts of mamas from all over the world.

Oh that’s not my daughter and I. 😄 I got that pic from the Pixaby site! Thanks though because we do have curly hair too!!

Just because you didn’t have a natural birth and breastfeed for a year doesn’t mean you are not a good mother. Those things don’t define who you are as a mother. Yes, most mothers strive to be able to do those things but we’re not always successful. It’s great that you’ll be able to pass down your sewing skills one day!

I understand if these types of groups aren’t your thing but if it’s because of those things you listed above please don’t let that stop you. ❤️ Thank you for your continued support. 😘🤗

Thank you for the encouraging reply crosheille ☺️

Always ~ 😊💜

this sounds like the perfect place for me! See you all there! :D

Yay!! I’m so glad to see you joined! It’s great to have you!! 😃

Thank you, I am excited to be part of the group! :D I can't wait to get to know everyone!

You’re welcome! We’re looking forward!! ☺️

No discord link to join? Am interested 😊

Hello @thekitchenfairy! Yes the Discord link is the Steemitmama banner at the end of my post! Just click it and it will take you there to join! 😉

We’d love to have you!

Absolutely! 😉

Oh poop, I wish there was a group for papas... although, I guess given the way that guys talk about parenting it would be a very silent Discord!

I talk about parenting! But I spend as little time on Discord as possible. We can chat in this thread ;)

You have little ones or are they bigger now? We have nearly 2 and a nearly 7. The younger is quite a handful!

He's 9 months on Tuesday!

LOL!! You never know, you guys just might find some neat things to talk about. But then again...LOL!! 😅 Yea you might have a good point!

You are such a sweetheart to highlight the @steemitmamas, @crosheille!! It is really a great lovely community to be in, to share, laugh and virtually hug together 💕 I see you have already brought in two more mama's. Looking forward to know them. Thanks for doing this Cynthia!! 😘


Awww thanks so much @happycrazycon! It’s really my pleasure because I just really love our group. I’m so glad to be apart of it~ 😊💓

Yes isn’t that cool! I was so happy to welcome them on today! 🤗


Hey @crosheille! Love this promo post! So awesome the way that you broke down the stuff that we are doing in the community. Hahaha, I was about to ask you about the pic too! Thought it was you! Cool pic! We have a lot more in store for the community and can't wait to get all the stuff moving asap! #steemitmamas

Thanks so much @khimgoh!! 😃 Yes I really wanted to highlight and share the things we talk about. I think sometimes people just need a sneak peek to get them curious.

Haaa! That’s so funny you thought that was me too! 😄 I would love to take a cool picture like that with my daughter though!

Yes we have so much more in store and I’m excited about it!! 💓


Although I am a dad and not a mama, I love that this support network exists! It is great that you have this way to share stories and ideas and help each other grow. This sounds like a great Steemit community.

You and people from your community should consider checking it the @steemiteducation community. We are always looking for new and good content providers who focus on the area of education and parenting. Join our discord to become a member of our education community .

Thank you so much @broncofan99! It is really nice having this support network. All of us mamas understand each other so being helpful and supportive is like second nature.

Thank you! I have used the steemiteducation tag before and have been upvoted from it. I know several of the mamas are also aware of you all. So it’s best to join the Discord? Do we need to become a member before using the tag? I was wondering about that.

Thanks for stopping by :)

The post has been very beautiful. In such a post, we all should vote.

Keep up the good work yo all MAMAS !

Thank you! 😄

Great community there... hopefully soon I will be able to join it 😀

Thank you!! We’d love to have you!! 😃

hello I'm newby.
I want to communicate a lot! I support you!

thank you~

This is so awesome I love it!! 😍😍😍

Yay! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the post!! I love you mamas!! ❤️


Yeah for Steemitmama's great job promoting these great community, so supportive and full of awesome mama's xxx

Thank you!! I had to give the Mama community a shoutout and spread the word about all the fun we have! 😃😉 Yes there are so many awesome mamas!

Ohh! Im glad i found this!😍😍 where can I sign-up?

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Hi @maquemali I’m so glad you did too! Just click the Steemitmama banner above and it will take you to join our Discord group! Hope to see you there! 😃

Yeyyyy! Thank you, i'll be coming over.. 😊😍

Awesome!! I see you made it there!! 😃

This post just shows a glint of what makes the mamas so special <3

I’s only a glint!! ❤️❤️❤️😄

Hi sweet mama! Thanks for another great post and for welcoming me so warmly!

Absolutely! Thank you so much for reading!

Hey thanks for mentioning me! I love learning about this crypto world and finding/earning/creating enough income to give my kids a special treat and to build myself a savings account.

Absolutely! You’re a big reason why I’m so interested in learning more about crypto!

I too want to give my kids more special treats and to purchase some of the things I’ve been wanting to.