It comes from the first game that I had: gold-miner. And then a combination if steemit and that lol.

Steemit is the website. Steem is the blockchain, your game doesn't use it uses steem. Therefore calling it steemitgoldminer makes no sense. That's what transisto is saying.

Man I really don't like some reactions on this post. There are people on steemit including myself promoting and motivating people to take action to do something extra to make steemit + steemblockchain and steem more desired, to keep people active, to invest money and time in it, and then I get such reactions... I feel like alot of people think this. We should stimulate eachother instead of commenting such things with extra exlamationmarks and give eachother a helping hand. There seem to be alot of moraldifferences here on steemit.

Doesn't look like you understand what they're saying. :/

Guess we don't care. It is a name. Why make a comment like that with exclamation marks and what not. Very disrespectful. Why do we care about the name of something instead of what it is? Why upvote a comment like that? I had a argument with someone in the past about downvoting comments. But this is one that should be downvoted!

It is not just a name but the technology. If you want to help people then teach them correctly. Complete information to make sure they have all of the tools to unbank themselves.

The sensitivity of the situation should have been considered.

How does one comment to something like that? I wanne know what pot you smoked so i can get me some?

It really look unprofessional to have that many exclamation marks.

Check out title.

While STEEM is the technology and the chain, SteemIt is the most popular interface and the name of the company behind it. Some people are pretty unhappy with how the company's doing but love the tech nowadays.

The exclamation marks refer to the title itself, pretty sure.

How about the fact it is a name people can relate to? Most people know steem is the blockchain and steemit is the website build on the chain :P But do you consider the fact that people outside of the crypto world could visit the site and not know what steem is. But they can visist you can not visist steem blockchain?

You see for every logic there is a counter logic. I wonder what the big deal is? It is a name. Brother could have called it hoegaboegagames for all he cares. He picked a name but that people act the way they do is retarded. There is absolutely no reason what so ever to make a comment like @transistor did.

I'm not sure reacting like this is the best choice of action for you guys. @transisto was trying to help (with some added exclamation marks to point out the marks you have in your title, I guess).

When people correct your writing/make suggestions, I would advise you to take it into consideration or politely decline, don't rant out about moral differences and accusations.

Other than that, the project seems interesting! Thanks for being honest about the browser mining.

Respect goes both ways @robinron. If you read everything you can see i politly answer everyone. And i have respect if people are respectfull. But commenting like that should not be threated with respect or considuration.

Steemit is not the only way to interact with steem. There is busy and partiko and so on. We need to view blockchains as a database so we can help people understand where they are placing their trust.

If I am too deep for you then I'm sorry. That is no reason to attack someone if their bud is better than yours.

Real world adoption will take more than vote bots and upvote trinkets. That is why I support this interaction and look forward to seeing this project grow. All blockchain ecosystems have a long way to grow.

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