Steemit Game : First 2D Game for Steemit #1 [Progress and Screenshots]

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Namaste!! As you all know I am developing a 2D game for Steemit using Unity game engine and I want to share the progress. I have already implemented 8 levels and will be adding a lot more in future. These levels would be dynamically and randomly generated and are appended to each other to give a feeling of new chains of levels each time a user plays. To keep it more memory efficient I will go on deleting the used levels and other objects that are not needed in the game for future and if needed, the would be dynamically created.  I am sharing just the rough view of the game and there is a lot of visual effects that is to be included like breaking stuff, lightenings, pinpoint accuracy and more.

Your Suggestions? You can also submit your ideas and suggestions to make the game more interesting. Like @complexring suggested me to have a feature of Steem Power and based on which a user will have certain features unlocked. Public views are very important, So I want you to give ideas that can help in improving User Experience. All ideas and suggestions are welcome. 





Name of the Game? The first name that came to my mind is “Steem Ball”, But If you don’t like it and want to give some suggestion, you can comment or send me suggestions on  

How you can Help? Find me on  

Background? As you can see there is no background in the game so I will be needing background arts. The photographs should be minimalistic and contain minimum colors. You can also submit your whale, dolphin and minnow arts and I will put it on the game background. Music? Game without music is like Earth without water. You can support me by submitting your original music and tones. Soft music is preferred but you can give your suggestions. 




Publishing and Donations? I will be publishing this game near the end of this month, during My Steemit Meetup in Delhi, India,on Android platform first and final game would contain 70+ levels.I currently have publishing account for Google Play store but don’t have for Apple Store. I will be publishing it on IOS and a separate website for Steemit Games. You can support me by donating SBD / Steem @funnyman , All of the donation will be spent on purchasing Apple store account and Developing a website. 

You can check a few of my apps and games on Google Play Store.

Link to my Google Play Store Account :  

Open-Source? I will be open-sourcing the Game code So if anybody want to develop its clone or make it even better, he/she can easily do so. You can find me on Github @ :  

I will give credit to all people(Donations, Arts, Music and Ideas) , supporting me on this journey, in my future posts and the Game itself.  

Support Me by Upvoting and Resteemimg to reach more people @funnyman

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I am looking forward to see where you get! keep up.

You should try to work the upvote into the game, maybe as a power up.


Nice idea!! Going to study about it. Thanks

Keep up this ground breaking game idea. Imagine if you'd get paid to play games. That'd be huge.


One way to do is to create a multiplayer version of it where people can Gamble upon it and the winner will collect all the money.


Could also have a script that posts highest scores to help the game community connect and support each other


I will think about it :)

Awesome Game Concept!


Thank you :)

I like the idea! Voted and re-steemed!


Thank you!!!. Totally appreciate it @acidyo

That is excellent work mate!


Thank you. I completely appreciate your support. I just purchased a lightening library from Unity Store, the Game is gonna look very cool in future.


Thank you!!! It will become much cooler at the end after the addition of lightenings and other cool stuff.

What if you took the whole thing and rotated it 90°? The player could have some freedom of movement, but there'd also be steam flows rising from different places across the bottom. The player would ride those streams upward while avoiding hazards on the walls.

Not only would this give it that something that other platformers don't have, but it would make the game even "steemier."


Nice idea, Thank you for your suggestions. Will think about it.

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