To all the girls who think they aren’t good enough


I know that society’s standard of beauty is too damn high. There are times that you just feel like you don’t fit in. You envy other girls for having things that you do not have.

Do not feel pressured on what other people post on social media. Real beauty is not measured on how many likes you get on a selfie. It is not about how may shares you get for posting a hot photo online.


Real beauty is defined by how good your heart is. On how you truly cared for others and how you do great things beyond your capacity. Real beauty is defined on how you exude love and respect.


You are beautiful in your own ways. Your scars prove how strong you have become. You are more than just an ordinary girl. You have dreams that you wanted to achieve. Do not feel insecure. Hone your skills instead. You are born because you have a great purpose. You are amazing!


Wildchickz says:
Beauty attracks the EYE,
but personality captures the HEART.
Be your own kind of beautiful


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Your comment reminded me of my 15 year-old daughter. She likes to cut lawns, and hence, she started her own (lawn mowing) business. The business cards say, 'Girl Power!'


Yeah i always love to post about woman/girls my advocacy is to shared and inspired them

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Thank you :)
I follwed u back

Upvoted, commented, and re-steemed from @Jerry32 on kryptonia. Teen years are indeed very tough years for many. Hormones and insecurities abound. It's very hard to gain perspective. When I was a teenager, I was short, sort of "average looking", and worse, I was 'girl crazy'. Life was about wandering through bakeries where I could't afford to eat. I am so inspired by my teenagers, who spend time and life, chasing dreams, and pursuing passions, and are not overly concerned about what others think of them. What a great starting point. My guess is that we unknowingly made 2 family / life choices that (perhaps) helped to make a difference. 1. We homeschooled our children through 9th grade, and 2. We moved from the suburbs to more open country. But who knows for sure? Just glad my kids don't suffer to the degree that I suffered.


Amen! God made us by his image we are uniquie and love by God its just like our society is so judgemental but if you always think the love of God and accept and love the person u see in the mirror you'll never felt insecurities at all :)

very true sis.. be beautiful inside out.


Yeah physical beauty will be fade

Its nice if all woman will think like that


Ahm if all men treat right :) i followed u


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Yeah its a park where team is having pictorial

Personality matters than appearance.


How you interact and treat people is matter most


that's true @cristinealimasac, im amaze of your writings. i always read most of your post about life. your writings are full of "Hugot":). Just kept on motivating other people :)

Be your own kind of beautiful! 😊


Yeah original is better than the copy

Very well said. Thank you for sharing

Sound advice, beauty is from within @christinealimasac

Really looks pretty, One of the woman I meet that has a beauty inside out. Love you tin :)


Thank you momy :) i love you more

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Nice post! 😉
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So very true. I agree with u.

If u can't stand up for urself no one is gonna do that for u

All i can see you are precious in the eyes of God. Because you are created in his image and likeness.. nice post..