Entry CONTEST 'What does today (May 2, 2021) mean to you? 3.46 #ccc

My internet connection is slooooow which means it's a good time to write or to watch a film. I haven't finished 'Homeland' yet which I fo once I quote this. Not the entire series but what I downloaded.

I woke up between 5 and 6 a.m. and couldn't open my eyes so I used a syringe to drop some fluid between my eyelashes (one without a needle) which works better than the bottles I don't waste as many fluids. I read every hour is needed and so I do for two days and it feels better not as itchy as it was during the past weeks (months).

I stayed in bed for another hour because I felt tired and I still have one week to get used to waking up early to be able to drive the youngest to the bus stop in town again. I can tell you I'm not looking forward to it and I wish for mine and my children's benefit homeschooling would continue or at least belong to the options like it is in more countries. The media never announce how many children suffer from school, being bullied by teachers and other students. The amount of children not liking school is way too high and those children are ignored, are not interacting with others once school starts again.

I started mowing. The grass and weeds are high, higher than I hoped for because it rained and my lawnmower was broke (there's warranty on it so I took it to the store and bought a second one to continue mowing). No shower rain but enough to make everything grow and bloom a part of the trees included. There are still naked trees which look dead around here like the (fake) Acacias, my young apple tree (died?), one of my mulberry trees and the only walnut tree left.

Mowing it was what I did before breakfast while a strong, warm wind blew and I felt relieved. Relieved and satisfied since the warm wind feels like home. I saw the high grass on the land of the farmer next door wave in the wind. For a moment it looked similar to water.

My children gave a hand inside. One continued repairing the walls I started to repair. We like to have this job done as soon as possible and decided not to paint those walls which are white. Hopefully, the repairments are good enough for a year or two since the walls outside need to be repaired and the wood of the roofs need to be painted as well. This will be work for later once inside is done and outside is mowed and the weeds are killed with the poison I bought. I couldn't use it today again because of the strong wind but that doesn't matter. I've done enough and am satisfied so far.
There's more mowing to do which I'll try tomorrow or the day after.

At least I have been outside and... Thor ate.
He refuses most of the food during the past week exception a small piece of liver and twice a raw egg. It's hard to tell what bothers him so I let him be and just check if he drinks enough and he receives his daily hug.

I hope tomorrow will be a day like this if it comes to the weather which makes me feel better.
For breakfast I had orange juice, 2 boiled eggs and vitamin pills. I drank my daily beer so hopefully, it's enough vitamins Bs and we ate greenbeans with minced meat made out of turkey. Today it was all about being satisfied for me.

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