Steem School Episode 52 - You Want 2 Use DTube but You are Camera Shy? How to Deal With It

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Camera shyness is very common and a completely natural thing.

I didn't like the camera when I started to upload videos to Youtube and DTube either.

Why are people camera shy? Because they expose themselves to a large audience. It is like doing a public speech just without the people in front of them.

They don't see the people judging them but they are there somewhere judging them for how they look like, for what they say, what they do and everything.

Nobody likes to be judged and criticized every damn time, it is tiresome but it can reveal a lot about you if you think about what they say and write. And after a while, you don't really mind it anymore.

Nobody likes everyone. If you hear someone saying that they like everyone then you are hearing a liar.

It is natural that you will have some haters, even the fakest tryhard want to fit in people have haters.

You have to learn to like the haters because they validate that you are gaining popularity. Sometimes they also give you good advice hidden between insults.

You cannot avoid people in real life either, so there is no need to be afraid of the camera.

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Why You Need to Publish Posts With Videos

The standard of high-quality blog posts nowadays is pretty high.

You need a video in your posts if you want people to take you seriously.

Besides that, if you are a person and not a company then you are the brand. And showing yourself is branding.

People will know who they are dealing with just by seeing your face.

Furthermore, there are simply types of content where a video is a must, for example, a how-to post.

And besides that, you can also copy & paste those videos from DTube to Youtube to get some subscribers there for almost no effort as well and hopefully pull them to Steemit.

Like that you are promoting yourself & Steemit as well!

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You will be judged if you show yourself online. But that is just like in real life, you will be judged there as well.

And why should you care so much about it? People will never stop judging each other.

You will build a little bit of courage & confidence by showing yourself online as well. You will learn to not let people have so much power over you. You will become more independent. You will reap a lot of cool benefits by showing your face on camera.

And I didn't even the upvotes and followers that you will get for your videos.

So have fun on camera and enjoy showing yourself to the world.

Lions don't care about the opinion of sheep!

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it seems to me this problem concerns only those who don't speak English well
all the rest are so free to doqnload dozens of videos every day (even if they are about nothing)
I have noticed that it' a common thing for foreign countries, and people aren't shy before a cam at all, in Russia, for instance, it's still not so popular, that's why Russian people download videos here not so often.
And a language bareer means a lot.

But you're right, it's popular, and it's great to follow this tradition, if you speak English well


I have a hard time understanding what you are telling me here.

If there is a place to be yourself and not some TV always politically correct robot, then it is on Steemit.

The last week, when there was a chance anyway I was looking at decent cameras. I am with you on that. I don't think that I am too shy because I have to speak in front of a lot of people all the time.

But what I like about this post the most is again the honesty. I want to live my life without keeping track of the lies I tell people. I can do that by telling no lies. It's that simple.

You are raw, uncut but not uncouth. You are who you say you are and do what you say you want to do. To live another way is to be less than a sheep. You are an ant. Or a part in a vehicle that brings other people money. A tool.

I like the fact that you highlighted the "pretty" metro men as "gay" and then said that gay people should live their life they way they want. I have a few friends from the LGBT community and I am also that logical and straightforward to them about it. I could probably write a whole post about it.

But you hit the nail on the head. Gay people should be whatever it is they want to be. But people who act PC and gay-ish for attention is just fake-gay. I get what you were saying when you said it. "That's gay" was to mean it is shit, not a reference to people who live their life a certain way. It doesn't touch me or my sexuality at all.

Anyway, long fuck-off comment again. People will judge me for that. Hahaha. If you don't like it don't read it! :P


Great comment again Zak!

Anyone who's camera-shy should remember it could always be worse - they could be doing it in the buff (ie. naked).

Now, for me, I don't think that'd be too daunting, personally. I just don't think I could get enough viewers right now to make it worth my while! :(


I failed the berserker entry test. ;)

your conclusions are very true, especially that someone always comes to judge, you won a new follower.

I leave you my super vote of 0.01


Every penny matters to me, it is a sign of support, thank you Cire.


that's what I like that you do is to help, and educate people

Mehn.... @valoforfreedom I am so freaking shy when it comes staying in front of camera to film myself beacause i think of what people would say, but i just learnt something new and i think it's worth the try... Thanks for this priceless info... I so much appreciate... Cheers!


Glad to hear that Prochyke.

There is no reason to be fearful, we all die anyway.

Am shy when am in front of a large audience talk more of doing a video in front of camera.
The reason is because I think people will not like me or the way I speak.....
But am sticking to your advise......the opinions of others doesn't matter, what is important is what you think of yourself.......
Thanks for sharing @valorforfreedom