The story of The Greens: In 2010 @thegreens was founded, planted 1000 trees and educated 300 young people via Beautiful Clean Green Schools (BECLEGS)

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The Story of The Greens Part: Reminiscing the year @thegreens was founded.

The idea to start a youth environmental organization was conceived by @mr-greens in 2009.

What inspired @mr-greens to start @thegreens?


Growing up in a poverty stricken community plagued by diverse environmental crises such as poor waste disposal, climate change, rapid deforestation and species extinction; amidst the absence of young people in environmentalism, @mr-greens was inspired to make a difference.
In 2009 he conceived the idea of bring together young people to address the complex environmental issues plaguing his community and on the 1st of January 2010, he pledged to become an Environmental Defender. He then mobilized a group of young people who wanted to do something to clean-up, fix-up and conserve the environment. Together, they went around cleaning and greening schools in a project he called “Beautiful Clean Green Schools (BECLEGS)”. The success stories of BECLEGS greatly inspired him and in November 2010, he was among one of the first Cameroonian youths to register a not-for-profit, apolitical, and non-sectarian youth environmental organization in his region.

The 2010 Green Year

On the 1st of January 2010, @thegreens was founded and sometime within that year, @thegreens was registered as a club of Do Something and then a member of Clean Up the World during which @mr-greens conceived@thegreens pioneer project, Beautiful Clean Green Schools (BECLEGS).

Beautiful Clean Green Schools (BECLEGS) was implemented during the 2010 Clean Up the World Weekend that held from the at Gratitude Bilingual Nursery and Primary School in Mile 3 Nkwen, Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon.

There, members of the green team demonstrated their passion for environmental education and action as they were able to educate, inspire and engage more than 300 pupils to cleanup, fix-up and green their school environment.
After speaking about the importance of a beautiful, clean and green school environment, they coordinated and engaged the pupils of the institution in general cleaning, picking up of litter and the planting of 1000 ornamental trees and flowers.



This led to the creation of The Greens’ first environmental club known as “Gratitude Green Club”.

The event was such a great success in 2010 and @thegreens is proud to say that their work at Gratitude Bilingual Nursery and Primary School is still alive today.
The trees and flowers have grown big and Gratitude Bilingual Nursery and Primary School is a beautiful, clean and green school till date.

Next week Monday, we bring you the 2011 Story of The Greens and we hope you support us in our quest for building a thriving, just and sustainable world.

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In November 2010, @thegreens was officially registered as a not-for-profit, non-sectarian and apolitical youth environmental organization.

In 2010, @thegreens planted 1000 ornamental trees and flowers, created 01 Green Club (Environmental Club) and educated more than 300 pupils of Gratitude Bilingual Nursery and Primary School Mile 3 Nkwen about hygiene and sanitation, environmental education and engaged them in environmental protection.

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Wow amazing job and very nice initiative! Keep up the good and inspiring work for our planet needs it :-)

it was a wonderful initiative way back there in 2010, and a wonderful action to enter into full gear, keep it up and together we will do it, thanks

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it really is amazing all that you do, would love to see photos of the trees today, that would make a great follow up post, Great job as always xxx