5 Reasons Why We Should Encourage Our Kids To Have Hobbies

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I am one of those people that simply can’t sit still. Even when I am watching television my hands are busy with some kind of project (these days it’s mostly knitting). I love trying new things and then standing back to appreciate the end result. For me, hobbies make life a tad more fun and interesting. As a mother, I am trying to inspire the same outlook in my son, so, when he shows interest in something, I always try to turn it into a fun activity or adventure.

Many parents seem a bit reluctant to encourage their children in any hobby as they think that it will affect their studies. But research has shown that children having a constructive hobby are more focused and attentive towards their academics. They grow up to be a better personality. - https://www.learnpick.in/blog/advantages-encouraging-kids-hobbies

Hobbies and productive recreational activities are a perfect way to relax and reset one’s self after a tedious day of mind boggling studies. Hobbies, no matter what kind, encourage healthy brain activity and have great benefits on mental (and often physical) health.

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5 Reasons Why We Should Encourage Our Kids To Have Hobbies

  1. They help to release and cope with stress. It’s not only adults who experience the pressure and stresses of our demanding world. Our children sit through tedious classes, have to complete projects timeously, they need to learn for tests and as young as they are, they have social obligations too. Our younger generations need something of their own choosing, that helps their minds relax and allows them to partake in something that they enjoy and are always eager to do.
  2. Hobbies are an excellent way to connect and socialize with like-minded individuals. Whether your hobby is done as a group activity or in the confines of your own room, it adds to topics of conversation and enthusiastic socializing. 
  3. A hobby is healthy. Hobbies keep our brains on top form, and our hearts happy. They trigger good moods, help practice patience, develop concentration and they spark enthusiasm. Hobbies that encourage movement can have a positive effect on one’s physical and mental health, while other less active hobbies can allow a little body to relax and stimulate the mind’s creativity and or logic. 
  4. Hobbies make you feel special. Children are often grouped into large classrooms, where they are lost among the masses and their sense of self has the potential to lose it’s meaning in the crowd. Hobbies give rise to the opportunity for young ones to participate in something that they relate to, that they enjoy – something that helps define who they are. Having a good sense of self gives children one less thing to worry about, leaving room to focus on their education in confidence.
  5. Hobbies help students to focus on their studies. While some may see hobbies as a distraction, others are more aware of the fact that everyone needs something that re-energizes them, kids included. Studying can get extremely monotonous, which is dangerous in that it can cause a dislike for learning new things. A simple hobby or pastime like reading, soccer, knitting, surfing – you name it – can prepare you to feel ready for the next challenge, it’s almost like it has the ability to re-charge your mind!

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As a side note, but none-the-less very important: parents and teachers need to remember that for a hobby to have a full positive effect, they need to be the child’s own. That is, often we persuade our kids to indulge in hobbies that take our interest, not necessarily theirs.

As parents we really need to allow our children the opportunities to delve into their own interests, especially for older kids who are more independent and are more capable of safely (and responsibly) experimenting with different hobbies to see what truly fascinates them, and what helps to make them feel self-fulfilled. For me, hobbies are my hobby!

Much love - @sweetpea

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I totally agree with you. I encouraged my girls as well to develop interests and hobbies of their own. I didn't want them to become teenages that are just obsessed with hair and makeup.

I am with you in this @sweetpea! :) truly agree that having a hobby/hobbies is healthy and helps us to focus more. Destressing with a hobby is equally important too. Thank you for writing this up to remind us that we can spice up our life with hobbies and perhaps get some old hobbies out of the closet and dust them up again!

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@sweetpeal you have said a lot about how good it is for us to give the children a chance to do what they really like as a hobby, but some overuse them maybe instead of reading for exams they are off with friends for a practice...
But if well cultured it will be good and joyous. Thanks.

I agree with you, hobbies are so important! Sometimes hobbies seem like they take up your time where you could be more productive, but this is a good reminder of how healthy and balancing they are :)

All the reasons why I encourage my child to have healthy hobbies too. Also, healthy hobbies improve the neural activity in your brain which improves its cognition. Good write up!

Hello @sweetpea, great subject today, I think that a hobby is an insurance for good mental health, it is important that parents and older brothers share their hobbies with the little ones. Schools can also contribute in this area. Offering students the opportunity to discover new activities within the curricular design can bring great benefits. In short, it is necessary to take care of hobbies. Our mental and physical health will thank you. God bless you and your family.


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They can also take kids out of themselves and their existing circle of friends, enabling them to forget their phones and usual routines and plunge themselves into something that absorbs. I think the last bit is key: a hobby has to be something you actually enjoy, rather than just another chore on life's list. Really valuable subject, good on you for raising it and giving us the benefit of your experience.

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