Learn 10 of the 1000 Most Frequently Used German Words - PART 6

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Build Core German Vocabulary for 10 Minutes, Everyday!

Hi everyone!

You want to learn German, but you're a bit lazy or busy to flick through dictionaries?

Here is an opportunity that will take the monotony out of your German learning experience:

This is the sixth day on which I'll be teaching you

10 carefully picked words

out of the 3000 most frequently used German words!

Go to the PART 1 of the German vocabulary building series!

At the end of the series, you will have 3000 words in your German vocabulary, and will be able to understand about 80% of the words in any German text.

All daily feeds will contain 10 carefully picked German words, along with:

  • the German article of the words
  • the English translation
  • a link to the pronunciation
  • an example sentence in German and its translation in English
  • if necessary, an image to help you understand the word!

German Core Vocabulary - PART 6 - Friday, January 12, 2018

  1. andere = other
    Example: Ich reise oft in andere Länder.
    Translation: I often travel to other countries.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  2. waren = were
    Example: Wir waren sehr müde.
    Translation: We were very tired.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  3. tun = do
    Example: Ich würde gerne alles tun, um dir zu helfen.
    Translation: I would gladly do anything to help you.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  4. ihre = their
    Example: Meine Freunde haben ihre Bücher verkauft.
    Translation: My friends have sold their books.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  5. (die) Zeit = time
    Example: Ich verbringe viel Zeit draußen.
    Translation: I spend a lot of time outdoors.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  6. wenn = if
    Example: Wenn du willst, hole ich dich vom Bahnhof ab.
    Translation: If you like, I will pick you up from the station.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  7. werden = to become
    Example: Meine Tochter will Ärztin werden.
    Translation: My daughter wants to become a doctor.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  8. sagte = said
    Example: Ich sagte auf Wiedersehen und verließ das Geschäft.
    Translation: I said goodbye and left the shop.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  9. jede = each (jeder, jede, jedes respectively for words with the article der, die, das)
    Example: Jeder Junge bekommt ein Stück Kuchen.
    Translation: Each boy gets a piece of cake.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  10. sagen = to tell, to say
    Example: Ich sage immer die Wahrheit.
    Translation: I always tell the truth.
    Go to the pronunciation!

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