Learn 10 of the 1000 Most Frequently Used German Words - PART 4

Build Core German Vocabulary for 10 Minutes, Everyday!

Hi everyone!

You want to learn German, but you're a bit lazy or busy to flick through dictionaries?

Here is an opportunity that will take the monotony out of your German learning experience:

This is the fourth day on which I'll be teaching you

10 carefully picked words

out of the 3000 most frequently used German words!

Go to the PART 1 of the German vocabulary building series!

At the end of the series, you will have 3000 words in your German vocabulary, and will be able to understand about 80% of the words in any German text.

All daily feeds will contain 10 carefully picked German words, along with:

  • the German article of the words
  • the English translation
  • a link to the pronunciation
  • an example sentence in German and its translation in English
  • if necessary, an image to help you understand the word!

German Core Vocabulary - PART 4 - Wednesday, January 10, 2018

  1. ein = one
    Example: Hast du ein Buch?
    Translation: Do you have a book?
    Go to the pronunciation!

  2. haben = to have
    Example: Wir haben kein Problem.
    Translation: We have no problem.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  3. dies = this (dieser, diese, dieses respectively for words with the article der, die, das)
    Example: Dieses Auto ist kaputt.
    Translation: This car is broken.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  4. aus = from, off, out
    Example: Ich komme aus Deutschland.
    Translation: I am from Germany.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  5. durch = by
    Example: Der Vertrag ist durch den Geschäftsführer zu unterzeichnen.
    Translation: The contract must be signed by the manager.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  6. heiß = hot
    Example: Der Tee ist zu heiß!
    Translation: The tee is too hot!
    Go to the pronunciation!

  7. mit = with
    Example: Trinkst du Kaffee mit Zucker?
    Translation: Do you drink coffee with sugar?
    Go to the pronunciation!

  1. (das) Wort = word
    Example: Wort für Wort
    Translation: word by word, verbatim
    Go to the pronunciation!

  2. aber = but
    Example: Ameisen sind klein, aber sehr stark.
    Translation: Ants are small but very strong.
    Go to the pronunciation!

  3. was = what
    Example: Was ist das?
    Translation: What is this?
    Go to the pronunciation!

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