Do you remember how you suffered through heaps of schoolwork and never got rewarded! Here @steemiteducation you don't have to suffer because if you complete the homework correctly, then you will be rewarded for your effort. 

We want you to succeed on Steemit and we want you to earn money, so that is why we now reward good quality posts that meets the criteria below.

Each week we will post A NEW homework assignment. Everyone is welcome to participate.  All you have to do is to use the steemiteducation tag as well as steemhomework tag. If you meet the criteria we will support your post.  

Steemhomework for the week! 

This week you have a choice between three different tasks! 

A.  Lesson plans, and the post CAN include a video that could help the learners.  

B.  Write a cool story for children that they can read themselves or could be used in a classroom if read by the teacher.

C.  Make a home video and show us how to do make something creative. You could even add the howto tag with the steemiteducation and steemhomework  tag!

  1. It must be an original high quality post with correct grammar usage.  
  2. Only posts with a minimum length of  250 words will be considered for rewards. (It could be longer) If you use your own personal video you do not have to write any text. You could just post the video and indicate that it is your own video. (This will be verified on YouTube) 
  3. Use the following two tags : steemiteducation as well as steemhomework.
  4. Don't forget to source the link! If you use any information from the internet you have to cite the source.  If you don't we WILL NOT support you.   
  5. If you use a picture and it is not your own, please add the image source.
  6. Make sure that your post is easily readable and use correct grammar and spelling. Poor language usage is a definite no-no and we will not support such posts. 
  7. Use a proper format when writing an article. 
  8. Do not forget to please UP-VOTE and RESTEEM this post. 
  9. Remember to be creative and to have fun!

Which type of posts do we support?

  • We support ALL educational posts that could be beneficial to a student or to a teacher in a classroom. 
  • We support lesson plans.
  • We support funny classroom stories. We all know kids can do and say the darnedest things.  We want to hear about that!  ( Please DON'T provide the student names)
  • Fun experiments or projects that kids could do on their own. (SAFE ones of course!)
  • Fun art projects for kids. 
  • How-to posts - eg.  How to build something/ how to do projects/study?
  • Do it yourself posts (DIY)
  • Comprehensions tests, activities, assignments and assessments in PDF format (printable format) that could be used in a classroom. 
  • Fun stories that can be used as reading material in a classroom. 

Please add the link to your post in our post promotion channel on our discord server. Here are some rules regarding our server:

  1.  Please only post your link once.
  2. Only post links in the post promotion channel of the server.
  3. Please do not send links to the inboxes of the curators. We want to help as many content creators as possible. Spamming the  channel and our inboxes takes away valuable time that we would prefer to spend curating high quality posts. Please help us use our time most wisely. If you don't we will need to mute you from the steemiteducation channel.  

Follow this link to join the server.  Be creative. Have fun!  

Please take note that we will only support GOOD QUALITY POSTS! If you struggle to create a proper post and you are NOT earning money, please join the UNMENTIONABLES server on Discord. This group will help and support you and guide you to write a proper post. 

Education is NOT supposed to be boring. Get those creative juices flowing and provide us with fun creative posts!  With your help we could change this platform into a virtual classroom! 

Please support the other quality posts under our blog, even if it is not the subject you teach. 


NOTE: Steemiteducation does not support plagiarized content. We reserve the right to remove any votes should we discover that any part of your post is plagiarized.  If you see Steemiteducation voting on any questionable content, please contact us on the discord channel or send an inbox message to one of our curators. 

Check out our video and get your friends to join @steemiteducation!!!  





I can't find the link to the unmentionables in discord

Keep the quality education posts flowing! I'm glad to support what you're doing in the community.

We are grateful for your support. Thank you!

I just published a post about our trip today to the Earth Experience - Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History. I hope it qualifies for the steemiteducation tag as I found it very educational! I highlighted your account and suggested people follow and support your work.

You are doing the right thing for modern aquire knowledge from book is bored.but if we learn in online via your great service it will much helpful for the lazy who don't like read in book...Always support you.pls chack the invitation link of discord.. @stedmiteducation

Thanks. I write short stories and poems. I hope to submit one post and if it is liked by the curators, will write more. I am indeed glad to have been led to this post. All the best and keep up the good work

Upvoted, resteemed. I have submitted my post in the discord server. Hope it makes the mark. Thanks for the clear instructions.

Nice are doing good.
I am new here. please do vote me on steemit.