Humanity Descending to Yet Another Low

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I heard something very disturbing and it shocked the hell out of me. I found humanity descending to yet another low; but this was not to be digested. So, I decided to discuss about the #ChildAbuse, you are paying for.

Source : Google Images

See these babies in the picture? Simply adorable, aren't they?

Now imagine a 3 year old chubby, little boy with innocent, green eyes going to a play school (Preschool). Source : Unsplash

Sounds normal, right? Obviously, because these play schools offer to provide early education and social skills, along with various modern facilities that would help in overall development of the child. Plus, it ascertains convenience for the parents too.

But, the question is : Do you really think they provide all the facilities to your child that they had promised? Let alone facilities; have you ever wondered that do they even provide a safe and healthy atmosphere to your child. Now take a look at these questions :

  • How do they manage to discipline all the children?
  • Is there not a single naughty child under them?
  • Why does a child going to a play school starts behaving differently?
  • Why does the child denies to go to a play school after a few days of admission?

Source : Unsplash

There are many such questions to think about. I heard a woman (belonging to a play school) talking about the children over there. She said that most of these children don't get enough potty-training and end up ruining their clothes. The assistant staff has to clean up the mess; which obviously irritates them. They end up threatening, shouting or in extreme cases - physically hurting the child. Shocking, right? Now imagine that same little boy and the impact this all will have on that poor child.

Source : Unsplash

The children are often disciplined by the teachers either through harsh words or physical punishment. The naughty ones suffer the most. This is the main reason why these children tend to behave differently and they even don't want to go there. These young sharp minds are suffering at the expense of your convenience. Does it ever occur to you that play schools like these are not a necessity for your child. Even you can teach these basic things. A lot of articles are available on #Steemit to help you brighten these young minds. #Steemiteducation is continuously working to help people like you. The way these children are handled at this age is bound to make an impact on their personality. Don't you think so?

Source : Unsplash

I'm not saying that all these play schools are worthless. All I'm suggesting is that you should do a detailed investigation of the concerned play school because it serves as the very foundation of your child's learning career. If your child or your relative's child is already attending a play school then you should be very cautious and interact with that child as much as possible.

What are your views?

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Daycare IS child abuse.


Most of them are

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Nice positive work
I like a lot


Thank you so much.... Means a lot to me. 😊

interesting to read a daily life issue. tears came out of me. childs abuse is very serious issue. the best trainer is always mother. now in daycare centers, babysitters and preschools made the parents life easy but at the end the child face the issues that many times lead them to even abnormal mind.



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Parents no longer have freedom to raise their own children and unfortunately we are often unaware of the long-term harm we are causing to the child simply because we are following the 'social norms' and doing what it expected and accepted by 'society'. It's time for a BIG change... the future is not female, it's today's children.


Children need a lot of attention and care...

It is an eye-opener post fr all...thanks on behalf of all people who read this post for spreading such a thing among us...btw great presentation...waiting fr new one :)


You're welcome.... On the way :)


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