The Boy Who Had No Name (An Original Children's Story)

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Long ago, there was a boy who grew up by the sea. He had no name, for he was raised by the animals who found him under a tree when  he was just an infant. The animals loved him so much, and did everything they could to teach him good values. The boy never met his parents, but because of the animals, he knew that he will never be alone.

Aside from the land animals who took care of him, he also had a lot of friends who lived in the sea. Some had fins, some had shells, and some had tentacles and thorns -- and they were all his friends. He would come to the huge rock by the shore everyday and play with them. He was so gentle and kind to them, that the sea creatures loved him too!

One day, when he was almost three thousand days old, the boy noticed something strange. He went to the shore and realized that the sea had distanced itself from the land. He sat on his rock and waited for his friends to come, but after an hour of waiting, he knew they wouldn't come.

This broke his heart, and he spent the afternoon crying and begging for the sea to come back. His tears crept from the sand towards the salty water, and the sea heard his pleas. The sea felt sorry for the boy and rushed towards the shore at once, along with the creatures that lived with him.

The next days after that, the exactvsame thing kept happening. The boy would come to his rock to find that the sea had ran away again, and he would tirelessly cry and beg for the sea to come back. His tears would fall onto the sand and chase the sea so the boy could see his friends.  The sea had gotten used to it after some time, and would immediately heed the boy's cries as soon as a drop of tear touches him.

The boy didn't mind. He was willing to lose all of his tears if it meant he could see his friends. That was all he ever wanted. The sea creatures loved him even more for doing it. They knew that they've found an invaluable friend in him.

One night, strong gusts of wind blew over the island where the boy lived. Many trees fell down, and many animals were hurt. The boy took his foster family in a safe place and went back to their home to try and save more animals. The wind only blew harder despite the damage it has already done, and after a few trips, the boy didn't make it back to the cave.

The next day after the calamity, the sea creatures waited for the boy to come and ask the sea to come to the shore. They knew about what happened, and they were all worried about their friend. For hours they waited, but the sea had remained unmoved. They realized that the boy was never coming back.

That night, a drop of tear fell on the surface of the water. The sea had been waiting too, so he ran to the shore as quickly as he could in hopes that it was the boy. But no one was there. Soon, over a thousand drops of tear fell all over the island at the same time. They fell continuously until the whole island was covered in tears. At that moment, the sea realized that the tears were from the sky.

The gentle drops of tears touched the ground, creating a smell that was familiar to the land animals. It reminded them of the boy. 

Every creature in the sea and in the island looked up to the sky that night. They thanked the boy for remembering them, and whispered their promises that they, too, will always remember him.

Since then, drops of tears would fall onto the island everyday. And as soon as they did, the sea would rush to the shore to look up at the sky to thank the boy. Up to this day, the sea continues to do this in honor of the boy who had no name, no family, but still had a big and sincere heart.


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