The Beggar of Rio Grande (An Original Children's Story - Intermediate Level)

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Once there was a woman who roamed the streets of Rio Grande, in search for food and daily necessities. She was avoided by many because she was full of grime and dirt. Often, she would hear insults as people passed her by. But she didn't mind. The only thing that mattered to her was that she could find enough food to bring home to her family.

She had five children, none older than eight years old. Her husband died of an accident, and since then she took all the responsibilities on her own. She used to work as a waitress, a helper, a babysitter, and did a lot of extra jobs to make ends meet, but it all took their toll on her when she fell sick.

No one ever hired her since then, and her responsibilities just kept adding up. Her eldest child had to go to school, and that meant another set of bills to pay. She knew she couldn't just give up. Her children are the only ones she had left, and she's all they've got as well. It was what kept her strong despite all the challenges she had to face. She was willing to do everything for her children.

So she ended up in the streets of Rio Grande, full of hope and faith in humanity, that somehow a kind soul would help her. For she had nowhere else to go. There was nothing else she could do.

On one fateful night, she wandered along the stores and crowded restaurants. It was her youngest child's birthday, so she was hoping to bring home a special dinner. There was this restaurant that had given her bags of left-overs not long ago, so she decided to wait until it closes so she could go to the backdoor and ask the owner for food. It was her only hope.

As she was waiting, she noticed a little girl waving at her from right across the street. The beggar didn't pay much attention until the girl moved to cross the busy road and ran towards her, holding a piece of bread in her hand.

A pair of blinding lights soon flashed before her eyes, prompting her to rush towards the little girl on her bare feet. She reached the girl just in time, and pushed her to the side of the road to keep her safe.

It all happened so fast, and soon a crowd of people were gathered around the poor woman who laid lifeless across the cold pavement. Some of them recognized her as the beggar who roamed the streets of Rio Grande, some even knew her name. But needless to say, they all acknowledged her as a hero.

Her children didn't get to have the special dinner that she was hoping to give them that night, but her prayer was finally answered. The little girl's mother decided to take the her children home, and promised to raise them as her own. This way, she thought, she might be able to thank the woman for the priceless thing she had done for her only child. She sent them to good schools and taught them everything she knew, especially the fact that their mother loved them so much.

Some people are meant to change our lives, and they could be the ones we always see in the streets. Always be kind to others, and never judge with what you see. Because for all we know, the ones with the biggest hearts might be sitting in the corner, begging for food.


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really heart touching article... may GOD give food to everyone...
that's why our SIKH community try to provide food for every one...

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