Public School Students Have a New Champion... and He is a 24 Year Old Rapper.

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Imagine you are a 24 year old who just won three Grammy Awards for your latest album.

Who is the #1 advocate for students?

What do you do?

Would you buy a Bugatti?

Or move into a giant mansion?

Perhaps you would spend your time on a boat?

Wait! I have it! You visit the governor of your home state, get angry with the state of funding for public education... and decide to do something about it.

That is exactly what Chance the Rapper is doing.

If you haven't heard of Chance the Rapper... then you must be over the age of 21.

Chance the Rapper is the creative mind behind the first streaming-only album to not only gain critical acclaim, evidenced by his Grammy wins, but also ground breaking commercial success. Even though you could not buy a physical copy, Chance's Coloring Book peaked at number 8 on the Billboard 200.

A few weeks after winning three Grammy Awards, Chance began engaging in a twitter exchange with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner. After the two met in March, the artist expressed his disappointment with educational budget cuts to the Chicago Public School system.

Instead of merely complaining, Chance pledged to donate $1 million to CPS to support arts and enrichment programming.

Then he got to work.

He didn't stop with just $1 million. In the six moths since his Grammy wins, Chance has raised $2.2 million dollars. This past Friday, he announced which 20 CPS schools would receive $100,000 each. At his presentation to announce the donation, Chance said, "Funding education is the most important investment a community can make.”

He put his money where his mouth is. Raising funds for CPS wasn't enough for the rapper. On August 12th, Chance and volunteers from SocialWorks (his youth empowerment charity) gave away 30,000 backpacks stuffed with school supplies to children attending the Bud Billiken Parade in Chicago.

One backpack down. 29,999 to go.

Speaking of SocialWorks, the organization provided a summer school enrichment program for Chicago children. The organization also provided over 1,000 high tech winter coats for the homeless people of Chicago. The charity's goal is "to empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement while fostering leadership, accessibility, and positivity within the youth throughout Chicago."

On Friday, Chance placed the cherry on top of his activism for education. Channeling his best Steve Jobs impersonation, Chance closed the SocialWorks Summit Vol. 1 by announcing that in June 2018, Chicago will host the first annual Twilight Awards to honor “teachers, parents, principals, and students that convey leadership.” James Corden will host the inaugural event which will include "special guest performances". I can't wait to see who he has lined up! More importantly, I can't wait to see people, who are dedicated to educating the youth of America, get the credit they deserve.

On March 6th, while visiting Westcott Elementary in Chicago, Chance posed the question, "Who cares? Who cares about the kids?"

Clearly he does. Hopefully other influencers will join him in his fight to help provide a quality education for all children.

To be honest, I am not really a fan of Chance the Rapper's music. I am more of a Beastie Boys and Public Enemy fan. But I still respect his talent. He is a brilliant and creative writer. If you don't believe me, check this out (the poetry begins at 0:53)...

"The people's champ must be everything the people can't be..."

Not only is Chancelor Johnathan Bennett trying to be that champ... he is helping to empower children to rise up to become the next champs.

So... is public school students' greatest champion a 24 year old rapper?

The students who thanked Chance in this open letter sure think so.

Who am I to argue with them?

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It warms my heart to see a rapper advocating education and community instead of drugs and murder. Next, we need to get Country singers to drop beer and trucks and support education too. Then the Insane Clown Posse can get all the Juggalos to start building community gardens.


ICP IS THE SHIT! My favorite song is ninja..


This is real Hip Hop.


Absolutely. I think its great what he's doing, and fantastic that people are listening and supporting it. Lets hope he continues in this way, and that people continue to get behind him and follow suit as well. The more of this sort of input from trending, successful figureheads, the stronger the tide of change. It takes courage to use the spotlight for a noble cause, and then act on it, so its wonderful to see him being rewarded for that. I hope it gives more artists the courage to do the same!


Well said man, when I read the title, I was like What??? A rapper promoting education and not drugs, cash, cars, clubs and sex? This guy needs to be heard... I put him in my Spotify favorites.. ehehe.. rapper with a great cause..

Brilliant !

Muy buen post! Sigue así


Bery ameysing rayt?? ^_^

A very good post. Video rapper is very good, with this video i can learn rapp well again because i am a lover of rapp music. Thanks for share @hanshotfirst

Chance reminds me of Kanye early in his career. Superb writing and creative skills coupled with a social construct that attracts believers to a better world. Good to see his causes growing and prospering.

Knowledge,sense of humor and good attitude i think are the key to success. And better to stay away from people that do nothing but put you down. Believe in yourself.

I like rap musics. Tech9, Twista, Eminem, Dloc, krayziebone are my favorite rappers.

This is a great post, I'm always on the lookout for activist musicians - NB here in the UK Lowkey and Akala are two of the most impactful, but not in money terms like this guy.

If only more people were like this guy maybe neoliberalism would actually work for the masses!

Wow this is amazing @hanshotfirst and shows how public service can benefot the society especially when well known people get involved..Upvoted and thanks for sharing.
Feel free to see my post on how steemit will benefit the rich and broke-and send in your thoughts. Happy weekend.

Very inspiring to see such influential people have a positive impact on the world. Its not everyday you see this happening. I must admit I hadn't heard of chance until this article, but will definitely keep my eyes peeled open for him now.
Now...Let's get him on Steemit and so that he can reach more people with his messages :)

Amazing! Now if every person donated 5% of their net worth for any good cause the world will be a magnificent place.

Every successful youth out there should emulate this pace setter. Complains doesn't solve anything. We can't certainly keep blaming the government for every issue because government cannot possibly solve all our problems.

Thanks for sharing such educative post @hanshotfirst

From your ardent follower, @eurogee


I agree 100% too many people sit around and complain. Its great to see someone willing to take action.

I am exactly 24 years old. No awards till now except some medals and shields at school. This man is great. Reached his dreams at his early age.


So maybe you'll get yours by age 25... or 30... or 35. It doesn't matter when. Keep dream and working hard!

Hands down! Investing in education is the best investment because its interest is exponentially growing.

Great post, i think this guy must have big dreams so he work hard and achieve them in such early age of his life.

Yes, very few people of his status realize what's going on in this world! Great idol


He's not perfect... no one is are. But he saw a problem and decided to do something about it. That is heroic.

Oh god. This guy doesn't stop. Feels good to see someone actually taking benefit of their potential. We humans fail at it miserably, until a jewel comes and proves us all wrong and does wonders like he did. Thank you for motivating me. I am working to help people see this world without their colored glasses and was feeling as if all my efforts are going in vain as no one actually reads my stuff here on steemit no matter how much effort and time I spend. But after reading this article, I am quite motivated to work harder.
Thank you so much for helping me get back on track with all my strength once again. Keep up the good work :)

Wow, love this! Thanks for posting, people like this raise the bar for all of us.

Great artist, and great to see him using his recognition in a positive way to help the community. We are starting to see a lot more of this, as governments don't seem to have the ability to be close enough to these issues to solve them.

Man, Chance is such an outstanding individual. He's taken something he loves and has absolutely, unqustionably turned it into a force for good.

To use art as a means of philanthropy, to show the world that you truly can change lives not only by what you present to the world but by what can be achieved when the world loves you for it.

Great write up, very cool that you decided to bring some attention to this. Looking forward to more my friend!

Are you familiar with Logic at all?

Good for him. Chicago can use all the help it can get!

I heard what Chance had done, but your post gives so much more detail than the skimpy news articles I found.



Thanks! I thought it was pretty inspirational. If he had been arrested it would have been the number one story everywhere. Not enough attention on acts of kindness...

If many well to day individuals toll this line, the world will be a better place for the coming generation.

One guy trying to make change happen

He's creating Award shows for teachers too thats cool! :)

You don't want zero problems, big fella!
Much respect to Chance for contributing to the community unlike these other rappers having boat parties,throwing money in the clubs and buying the same car 10 times over in different colors -_-

Very Inspirational. Rappera are indentic with sport cars, partying, weed and stuff. But this one is very different. He put himself as an "agent of change" by making the change by himself. What makes him more special is tjat he cares for the education of young people. Supporting them on education is the fundamental change. I salute him.

loved chance since Acid Rap came out, great post check out that album if you havent heard his music

This line really made my day. Pubic Education...hahah
Wait! I have it! You visit the governor of your home state, get angry with the state of funding for pubic education


Oh man! Thanks for catching that. Did I do it more than once lol?


You have a great sense of humor.

Education(not school ) is the only tool that can completely drive away abject poverty and i am glad rappers of today understand and support it.

Wow! Seeing somebody like Chance willing to spend time and money to help people! This is more than a kind heart, I did not know this about Chance! His music is good too! It feels like he came up quick! Thanks for the post my friend!

Very Good Post. Encourage education to every children surrounding the world is most urgent need today.

This is great, I liked chance before, but knowing he is helping out communities just makes him even more likeable.

thx for sharing

I'm sure it makes him and them feel better. But throwing money at it won't do much.


I guess it depends on your definition of "much". Will it fix the broken system? No.

But he made a huge difference for kids at 20 schools.

Plus the 30,000 kids who now have school supplies.


Awesome post. Really great content.

This is great, to see a young man in public who stand for values.
This is what the young kids need to see. Great Post.

While his actions and donations are laudable, I can't help but mention that when it comes to the Chicago Public Schools, and Chicago politics, Chance is basically just a useful idiot perpetuating the myth that Chicago Public Schools don't have enough money. They have plenty of money, but the one party rule political system in Chicago is corrupt and that money is wasted.

Sure, Chance called out a Governor who has been in office for two years, but did he call out the Chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois who has been in office since 1972 and has been Speaker of the IL House for more than three decades, Michael Madigan? No, Chance is silent about the people actually in power, and only does their bidding in calling out an extremely weak politician from the "other" party.

Throwing more money at Chicago Public Schools won't work, its been done over and over and over. Those schools need reforms and innovations, but the mightily powerful teacher's unions stand in the way of anything they don't like. If Chance really wants better schools, he would be better served calling out Karen Lewis, the head of the teacher's union, and State Party Chair Michael Madigan than a weak Governor. Chance isn't wrong about the Governor, he is a turd, but Lewis and Madigan and Emanuel and Cullerton and Burke and the Daley's et all, are humongous piles of shit.

That White Sox hat he likes to wear? Might as well call them the Welfare Sox, their stadium was a huge "gift" to billionaire Reinsdorf, and its a gift that keeps giving every year. Free rent if their attendance is down, a free multi-million dollar restaurant built for them, $7 million for free video boards last year, an entire government agency complete with lucrative salaries and wealthy pensions and free healthcare for life for a few politically connected insiders who get to decide which campaign donors they'll dole out free tickets and free luxury suites to this year.

The City of Chicago has plenty of money to throw corporate welfare around to billionaire sports team owners and millionaire players, but can't afford schools? Give me a break. Soldier Field, $700 million to start and more every year since. Chicago is paying for a basketball arena for a private Catholic college as we speak. The United Center, the house the Michael Jordan built, was paid for by taxpayers as another gift to Reinsdorf. (Follow his campaign donations the last 30 years to see why.)

Democrats have had complete control over Chicago Public School for more than 50 years now. 50 FREAKING YEARS!!! And Chance doesn't call them out? Useful idiot.

He'd be better off using that money to start private schools to get as many kids out of the corrupt school system of the Chicago Democrats. The previous head of Chicago Public Schools was caught taking kickbacks in the form of campaign donations in exchange for steering contracts to the right people. The price CPS pays for milk compared to the rest of the state? On and on and on and on, corruption. All under Democrat's rule with elections rigged against anyone even trying to get on the ballot to run against them.

Sorry, Chance, I'm sure you're a good dude, but you're money is wasted propping up corrupt politicians and their wasteful standards of practice. Chicago Democrats are more interested in selling more of those Welfare Sox hats than they are in educating poor kids.


Although I don't agree with everything you wrote, I will agree that the system needs to be completely revamped. However, that creates a huge problem. What do we do with the kids who are living in the system right now? I don't think we can say "sorry you don't get an education because we need to rebuild the system." We need to change the tires and rebuild the engine of a moving car. I don't think a rapper or any individual can instantly fix the system. But they can try to help the kids who are currently stuck in it. That is what he did and I salute him for it. There are now 20 more schools whose students will have access to the arts. It won't fix the system... but it will make the lives of these students better today. I think that has tremendous value.


Being the champion for the kids stuck in a failed government public education system is not the same thing as being a champion for public education. By all means, help the kids that the Chicago Democrats are neglecting, but if you are going to start pointing political fingers, make sure they are pointed accurately if you really want to improve the future. Chance isn't doing that, he's providing cover to everyone in charge of the current corrupt and failed public education system who's only proposed solution is more money.

Of course you can't change it all overnight, I don't believe anyone is calling for that. It's sad Chance has to donate millions just to keep arts at 20 schools for only one year, especially when you know 100 other schools didn't cut their head trauma football programs like they did their arts. Is he going to donate the same amount next year to keep them? The $10 million the White Sox get every year from the Sports Facility Authority, plus the $7 million they got for the video boards last year also would have more than covered the arts for 20 schools for more than one year.

I just read Chicago Public Schools student population decreased by 12,000 students last year and will decrease by another 8,000 students this year. Graduation rates are between 50-60%. There is a crisis, both short and long term, and while band-aids are nice, the bleeding continues. Chance might want to direct a few more tweets towards the people who've been in power for decades and decades.


That is an excellent point. I may actually change the title to reflect that he is advocating for the children rather than the system. I feel that is a more accurate description of his actions.

As far as his providing cover. I don't disagree... but I think it is an unfortunate natural consequence of trying to provide immediate help. In the long run, perhaps it would be better to let the system hit rock bottom so it can be rebuilt from scratch. Unfortunately, there are thousands of people who would be hurt in the process.


I wasn't expecting that, but I do think your new title is a better fit. And I'm probably being too harsh on Chance, his heart seems to be in the right place. I just happen to follow Illinois/Chicago politics very closely and have for years. He got caught up in this mess when the Governor responded to one of his critical tweets. I don't believe Chance understood the history that led up to this crisis and he was just going with the flow of what other people were doing (such as his father who is a former deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Emanuel) which was blame the Governor.

When this all went down a couple months ago, I just rolled my eyes and thought, great, another celebrity in over their heads. (CaptiolFax Blog by Rich Miller covers IL politics every weekday and is usually a great source.) I will say, Chance didn't back down and has kept right up with his activism and donations. That is great. Chance is a stand up guy for doing that, and he deserves that credit. I shouldn't pee on his rug for trying to help, so I do apologize for that.

The reason I keep bringing the White Sox into this, is because Chance is being paid by the White Sox as an "ambassador" and has been paid to design special White Sox hats for them and to do other things to promote the White Sox. Before any of this school drama started, I saw that Chance was getting paid by the White Sox, and my thoughts were they (Reinsdorf) can afford to pay an already rich rapper to wear their hat, but they cry about being too poor to pay for their own video boards or luxury restaurants. So Chance got off on the wrong foot with me, which is my problem, not his, he didn't do anything wrong there and more power to him getting endorsement deals like that. It looks like he's donating more to Chicago school children than what the White Sox are paying him, so kudos for that too.

And for disclosure, I'm a huge Chicago Cubs fan, but that's not why I "hate" the White Sox. I just don't like corporate welfare being given repeatedly to billionaires to play games. The government is and has been failing those kids, and I should be more appreciative when someone like Chance steps up in whatever form. Thanks for the discussion, I learned more about Chance from this article and have a better opinion of him now.


LOL. Oh boy this is about to get even better. You who is the only person who hates Reinsdorf more than a Cub fan? A Sox fan! I was a hardcore sox fan for about 42 years. Over the past few seasons they have become the worst thing possible... boring. I used to attend 10 games a year. Now for the first time in my life I can't name the entire starting 9 players. I was also a Bulls season ticket holder for years (luckily got rid of them last year). Reinsdorf has made both of these teams unwatchable. (Although the Sox at least finally got Kenny Williams out of the way and made some decent trades for younger talent). His refusal to get rid of inept general managers is infuriating. Now that I got that out of the way, let's talk about the stadium.

My take is that if 1 penny of tax money is used, then the city should get to make every decision about the stadium. Tax money should only be used as an investment. It should be used with the goal of bringing back exponentially more in revenue for the city. But no. They let Reinsdorf pick the stadium. Comiskey was designed by the same team that built Camden Yards. My understanding is that they gave Reinsorf the plans for Camden Yards and the genius said "No". No. No he didn't want an actual tourist destination. No. No he didn't want a series and shops and restaurants attached to the ballpark. That could have brought in a ridiculous amount of money. Instead we got the last of the terrible 1980s mall like stadiums... and they faced it the wrong way! The skyline is kind of a big deal. You would think anyone with a brain would want the stadium facing that view. But no. He's an idiot.

Same deal with Soldier Field. If tax dollars were invovled, that should have been a giant dome. Do I like domes? Nope. But if it involved tax dollars it should have been an investment that would attract Super Bowls, Final Fours, giant boxing events and humongous concerts. The city should be making money hand over fist at a stadium in that location. Instead we got the smallest stadium in football... and it looks like a freaking UFO landed inside the columns.

So yeah this is a multi faceted problem. Perhaps the city should have stayed out of those deals. But if they were involved, they should have built things that would have been huge money makers.


I grew up in Peoria, so the Cubs/Sox dynamic was much different than growing up around Chicago. We were split Cubs/Cards mostly. Peoria's single-A team keeps switching between the Cubs and Cards affiliate every ten years or so.

I didn't start hating the White Sox until my late 20s in the late 90s when I was managing a Marriott hotel in Cook County and had to listen to complaints about the highest in the country hotel taxes every single day. When you get asked 5 times per day why the hotel tax rate is 20%, you learn why, and a good chunk of that was to pay the bonds on New Comisky/Guaranteed Lower Rate Field. It also irritated me that if the hotel tax rate was lower I could have paid my employees more and maybe kept the good ones longer instead of having so much turnover. With just a 4% reduction in that tax rate, I could've paid $1.20 more per hour, give or take.

And then a few years later I learned that the deal Reinsdorf got from Daley, Thompson, and Madigan was the first of its kind in this country. Before then, any subsidies for sports stadiums were minimal, mostly dealing only with infrastructure connections. Nowadays, almost every stadium is predominantly paid for by taxes and the economic benefits they promise never pan out. At best, those subsidies pick the winners and losers of entertainment dollars, they don't create new dollars. (Field of Schemes was a great book studying this dynamic.)

You are so right about Soldier Field. IF it was going to be publicly funded it should have been a Dome for year-round use with public control over how it was used. So many opportunities with a dome. And its just ugly now. That was a debacle, through and through.

Your White Sox got a ring recently enough, I had to wait until last year. I played little league against Jim Thome back in the day, and ran into him around Peoria a few times during his playing career, he is a great dude. As a 14 year old in 1984 I got crushed when the Cubs and my guy Sandberg just missed the Series. I put up with them for another 32 years, like a fool. But I feel your pain with the White Sox being boring right now and an owner not willing to pay for good players. Chris Sale, come on, you keep a guy like that to build around. Moncado better be the next Big Hurt. And the Bulls after Jordan? They lost me, too. Sad. Hang in there. Or don't, and move to Arkansas like I'm about to do. :)


LOL. Good luck in Arkansas!

I rooted against the Cubs for 45 years. Then last year, I gave in. I couldn't root against them. I would have felt like such a hypocrite. They did EVERYTHING the way I dreamed my team would do things. And I want Joe Maddon to adopt me.

By the way, every story I have heard about Thome always ends the same way "He's a great guy". I'm happy the Sox got him, but they were bidding against themselves. He would only agree to be traded to 3 teams (Cle, Cubs, Sox) and the other two teams had first basemen. The Phillies had to trade him (Ryan Howard had been called up) to dump his salary. Instead of tossing the Phillies a scrub and paying the whole contract... Reinsdorf sold the starting CF Aaron Rowand to them so that the Phillies would pick up half the contract. They just won the World Series and would not pay for a premier DH. I despise Reinsdorf!

Not that I'm bitter.

And I remember Reinsdorf starting that trend of tax dollars paying for stadia. In retrospect, they should have called his bluff about Florida. That trend is bad for tax payers and fan bases. Just ask the San Diego Charger fans.


Thanks for the feedback. I think this new title (and adjustments to a couple of captions) is a more accurate reflection.


To some degree it's true. The money needs to be used properly and Chance has a CHance to push for change.


Are you an Indian?


Couldn't agree more. The guy's heart in the right place, but in that state/city, his kindness will used to get some votes for Rahm and his crime syndicate.


Haha. Cute horse


A very informative post.i learned many things from your post and i myself love the rapp music.thank you so much @hanshotfirst

Public Ed. is a waste of money. I spent the last 10 years of my life gradually unlearning all the total BS I was indoctrinated into, within the US Public Ed. system.

So to be an intelligent person, you will spend 12 years learning. Then you will spend another 10 years unlearning much of what you learned in 12 years, otherwise, sadly if you haven't done this, I guarantee you are not very bright. That is unless you were wise enough as a child not to accumulate the junk in the first place, but few of us were that amazing back then.

Where do drug problems come from? Public Ed. system. Where do gangs recruit? Public Ed. system. Where do you learn the various false truths that change every decade, but they teach them to you as if they were absolute truths? Public Ed.

They used to teach religion in Public Ed. system. Is that worthwhile? Most atheists today would hate that, but if a bunch of Christians got into power, we could bring back Christian teaching into Public Ed. ... I think this sounds great, so I would support Public Ed. if we can do this. ;) My point is, what is taught in Public Ed. is dictated by the whims of politicians. Sounds like a real honest system to me, because we know there is nothing wrong with our politicians!


I will never argue that public education is not flawed. It clearly is. What is your solution to ensure that all people can have access to a quality education? I do not mean that sarcastically. I honestly would love to hear an alternative solution. Right now, I think the best choice is to fix the system, not abandon it. But if there were a viable solution to ensure all children could have access to a quality education, I would be thrilled.

Cool man , great content !

A very good post. Video rapper is very good, with this video i can learn rapp well again because i am a lover of rapp music

go go go friend you have it

I love rap, it is real art... I think Lil Wyte is amazing with his songs Acid, My Smoking Song, Oxycontin, Fucked Up and Lost In My Zone! Even though when I write lyrics I prefer to just expand profound messages and my deepest ideas, which are usually controversial.

Good way to go, Hollywood take that.

@votes+Comments Please back me in my blog posts thanks @

It is a shame that selflessness is such a rare trait in Hip-Hop.

Chance the Rapper flying the flag of compassion! :D

chance has to have a good hearth! like this track at jimmy fallons


Каждый имеет шанс,как Шанс!Больше бы таких не безразличных людей в мире,которые вкладывают свои сердца и средства в образование и,главное,в детей,то мир станет лучше.Огромное уважение ему и ему подобным.В его годы быть открытым для общества,для мира,это стоит отметить,что у него добрая душа и большое сердце!

Only 24 years old and bagged 3 Grammy woow you are awesome dude!!

I believe Nelly was up there too in supporting his hometown community. Akon is almost a god in Africa due to his work down there too.

he is so much famous? did not even know him! o.O

Hi @hanshotfirst, Chance is doing an awesome job and this post is very inspiring. Keep posting more of such inspiring posts and keep serving the Steemit community. We all can serve the community by giving back whatever we learnt.

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Keep rocking, inspiring and serving the community!


to work harder is the first step to achieve success :) am i right ? :) best music :)

very nice I love it

Fresh new take on an otherwise boring genre that is starting to all sound the same. Great beats and a very talented artist. I dunno how he has the vision for his songs.

Thank you for sharing,I will follow every your post

awesome post! keep posting :)

thats great, but skools are indoctrination camps. fund something more important

This rapper is doing a great job financing eduction looking for it to make it free which i think should be .. not only he supported with money but he also changed some peoples point of view about rapping and rappers in general (The gangster rapper the one who is selfish always talking about drugs money girls and way more things ..) It's rare to see a rapper contribute to the community in such a humble way.
Thanks for sharing @hanshotfirst

I'd love rap music even though I don't really know how to rap. But I have actually learnt a lot from your post.
Thank you!
And keep it on...

Very nice videos!! I love it :) Thanks for sharing @hanshotfirst.

he is the best

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

oh dear hanshotfirst , v impressive and interesting stuff u uploaded, v nice contribution among steemians i like that.. resteemed, follow as,well supported..

proud moment really!!superb

Love it when people actually give back to the community!

wow what an awesome guy - i watched both videos and am so uplifted -- thanks so much for sharing this

This is really a man these kids need to look up to, making it big and then giving all he can back to the youth and community. Would be great to see other influential public figures care this much and put in this much effort to improve on our youths education.

hi to all my sweet friends please help me to increase my followers I have less then thousand followers I always response on your post if you follow me and please a upvote thank you to all

inspirational post to motivate youth like us..thanks alot for sharing :)

There is a sayings if you give them a fish, it will consumed and people become timid and lazy but if you teach them how to fish they live longer. Education is the best gift to our children that no body can stolen. Excellent post cheers @hanshotfirst!

I Guess The Still Some Good In This World :)

I love this post! He is a nice men and i like his music. Thank you for sharing.

Good way to go..

Awesome work my dude..... I wish there were more people out there doing for our youth... Keep it up the good work!!! So inspiriring...

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Trust me, I have just been educated on a lot. I know of his music but not all this. And it's a great lesson on my end! :)

This is very unheard of, a rapper really? is the question i kept asking myself. This shows how we as the people individually hold the power to change the world around us, and change stereotypes and disrupt the status quo. You don't have to be a "__" to bring change, just be you, don't complain, be the change you want to see. "A people's champ is one that is what the people cant be"

@hanshitfirst nice article enjoyed it and I upvoted. I have a new article do read and if you like it please upvote thanks

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wow. glad to see there s still kindness in this cruel world.

great post! I had no idea that Chance had done so much public service work.

I like the flow of rapper music..

Looks Confident.

Chance should look into creating a B.H.A.P. for the BillionHeroChallenge.


First I know who this wonderful young man is and I'm well over 21 nice to see this young man giving back, thinking about the future of these kids, & not just showing off with material things. Nice post, and I like the commercials he's in too break me off a piece of that kit kat bar LOL

His good deed should be rewarded, in fact his only the one in the music industry who pledge support to education system. Other's dont care of anything.

Chance the rapper can do this great thing for the kids. Letting them succeed and grow. Now remember this is just a actor music artist, but pur president cant do.nothing but tweet abd blow stuff up ha reality is

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what the heck is going on

It is a good thing to support education. It shows he cares

At 24 years he has a good heart for his youth. A good plan for children is a good plan for a nation. He is a blessed child and philanthropist.

o not only gain critical acclaim, evidenced by his Grammy wins, but also ground breaking commercial success. Even though you could not buy a physical copy, Chance's Coloring Book peaked at number 8 on the Billboard 200.So... is public school students' greatest champion a 24 year old rapper?