Tale Of An Emperor 👸


We sometimes think that we know everything or we don't need anything from others due to the level and position we occupied or find ourselves in by chance.

When we learn to carry others along or think about the well-being of others we are actually saving ourselves from danger.


There was a story of one emperor In a kingdom, this emperor was so fond of new clothes and fashion. He spent all his money and time on fashion but did very little in properly running of his kingdom or Carter for his subjects.

There was a day that two fraudsters(thieves) came to town saying "they were master cloth makers", they convinced the king that they knew how to make the best outfit.


They said the outfit is invisible, and that people who were exceptional stupid can't see it. The king, who was so full of his greed and selfish desires allowed himself to be duped.

He wore the invisible clothes and marched down the street in front of his subjects "but unfortunately, he's not wearing anything! ", cried the villagers.
The emperor's pride, conceit and vanity lured him to shame.


We often find ourselves in the same position, thinking we know better. But when you look outside your own selfishness, you will realise your faults.

Don't think much about yourself alone and forget about the feelings and well-being of others.

That you are in the position of power or authority does not mean others are inferior or you can tap any wisdom from them.

Any leader that really want to achieve big and not end in shame need to humble himself in some aspects in order to get information from his/her subjects.


Regards @funkylove



Sincerely, all of us need us of us....
Thanks for sharing this message

Sincerely, all of
Us need us of us.... Thanks for
Sharing this message

                 - murphylee

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This story is so funny but with a lot of lessons. In life we shouldnt be greedy, greed never does us any good.

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