The Importance Of Teachers Having High Moral Character

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Educators must have good moral character to be a role model for their students. By behaving in immoral ways, teachers may give their students the wrong messages in how they should behave. Those who are role models must teach students the importance of honesty. Students who witness their teachers telling lies may think this behavior is acceptable. For example: A teacher lectures on the importance of maintaining health through healthy habits. It may may give mixed messages if the students later see the teacher smoking.

Bad educators can transmit their negative behaviors to students. Bullying and harassment by adults is often adopted by children who in turn act cruel to other kids. Children mimic the behaviors of adults and may criticize others, judge other kids harshly, and be physically aggressive when they see teachers and parents behaving as bullies. Children copy the behaviors of their role models. If their role models act mean or cruel, the children may also behave in such a way.

The model teacher is someone who has commendable qualities. Here are two qualities that should be possessed by teachers who are in charge of educating children:

  1. The person must have an intelligent mind, maintain righteous thoughts, be highly educated, and have a sincere intention to teach children. Teachers should be able to judge good and bad behavior and make children aware of consequences of breaking rules. A teacher who intends to educate students effectively will not show their shortcomings in front of students (for example: flirting with members of the opposite sex). Teachers should be smart and clear-minded. They shouldn’t flirt with their students. Gossip, the loss of authority, breaking student’s trust, and more negative repercussions come with immoral behaviors. A teacher should be like a parent to their students to protect and educate them to grow up to be moral adults.

  2. An educator should point out to their students the value of kindness. Kindness is found in religious beliefs, cultural customs, and social etiquette. By teaching students the importance of kindness, a teacher is inviting them to work towards a successful future. Students need to learn good morals like responsibility, honesty, self-sacrifice, bravery, and perseverance. By educating students on how to have good moral character, they will learn tools they need to succeed. In turn students will learn to respect their teachers and parents, and will work harder in their classwork.

Teachers always need to be good role models for their students. It is hard work being a teacher.
Students look up to their educators and see them as mentors to help them know how they should behave to be successful. By working hard to be a good an excellent role model, teachers can show students how to be moral and all the positive results of being a good person.

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Thanks for this post I found it very insightful. i have been a kindergarten teacher in a small town an I akso found you have to sincere in what you do because I woulf often be seen out in public.

Keep up the good work i enjoy reading

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Pleasure i have followed as i enjoye reading different people's philosophies about teaching

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