The Importance of Encouragement and Persistence

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In order to complete the journey of our lives, there must be a goal, but we can not continue to achieve without encouragement and perseverance, this encouragement may come from parents and friends and most importantly to come from ourselves.


Life is a courageous adventure or not at all. If you are not trying to do something beyond what you have mastered, you will never progress. When I build a team, I always look for people who like to win. If I do not find any of them, I look for those who hate defeat.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can change his life if he can change his mental tendencies. One is the origin of everything he does. You have to be confident, and if you are not confident, who will trust you! What you get without effort or price has no value. If it fails, you will not work hard. Failure is just a defeat while creating a chance of success for you. the only cause of failure is to stop trying.

The only answer to lose is victory. Maybe it's a living miracle that if you reject everything that is below the top level, you can always achieve it. What the high man looks for is himself, but the poor look for what others have. Many receive advice, but only wise people benefit from it. Nothing is necessary to achieve success in any form other than perseverance, because it transcends everything even nature. You have to do things that you think you can not do. Those who live in fear will never be free.

The great man is very convincing, free of anxiety, while narrow-minded men are usually tense. Your eyes are just a reflection of your mind. Communication in human relationships is similar to breathing for humans, both of which aim at survival. Doing the right thing will make people grateful while others are surprised. The world gives way to people who know where he is going. A person without a destination as a ship without a rudder, both will end up in the rocks.

Goals are not only necessary to motivate us, but also important for our survival. Happiness lies in the pleasure of the accomplishments and the joys of creative endeavor. Direction that begins with learning will determine the life of a person in the future. There is no description of the greatest leader he helps his people to exercise strength, effectiveness, and influence. Great discoveries and accomplishments require the cooperation of many hands. Those who fear the emergence of the mountain live forever between holes.

In all things success depends on the preparation of precedents, and without such preparation there must be a failure. Spending seven hours of planning with clear ideas and goals is the best and best result of spending seven days without guidance or purpose. Wisdom is not only in seeing what is in front of your eyes, but in predicting what will happen in the future. Plant today a tree that will grow in its shadow tomorrow.

When you face a problem, stay away from prejudices and prejudices, know the facts of the situation and rate them and then take a position that shows it is fairer, and obey. We must have a ready-made grave where we can find friends' faults. With the right of every responsibility, why do people only remember their rights? God created us to give to them, so we do not have to make funds to be saved, but channels to express good to others.

The highest level of human wisdom is knowledge of conditions, and the creation of internal calm and tranquility despite external storms.

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Es muy fácil decaer en el camino y darse por vencido, @fataelrumy. Lo difícil es levantarse con ánimo todos los días y seguir caminando en pos de un sueño. Seguramente encontraremos un sin número de obstáculos, pero la idea es superarlos. Si afuera llueve, sal y disfruta y aprende de la lluvia, aunque mojado, te dejará la experiencia. No es dejar de vivir, es vivir a pesar de todo. Como dices: "planta un árbol y crecerás en su sombra mañana". Vivir en el presente, pensando en el futuro.

Yeah, this is a good comment, thanks for the enlightenment @nancybriti
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