Steemhomework - Teach the children to work together, cooperate so that in the end everyone is better.

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Many years ago when I was in the transition between a child and a teenager I remember that this book came to me, called Stone Soup, which I read and I leave a very important teaching that would then apply in other matters of my life. I remember that a few years later, when I was studying my university studies, they asked me to read and analyze this book, because it was a basic tool to form a leader's character.

It was when he remembered that as a child he had already read it, he had unconsciously applied the teachings several times. For that reason, for this week's #steemhomework, I recommend all teachers read this book and transmit the teaching to the children in the classrooms, as they will be transmitting powerful tools so that they can face the circumstances of life.

Because it is an old and very popular book, it can be easily found and read on the web, and it can even be found in several versions, but at the end they transmit the same teaching. But before finishing this publication for the community of @steemiteducation, I want to list the enzeñansas that I could learn, of course that is from my point of view, other people may be able to capture other educational information that I can not decipher. Primary teachings of the book:

  1. If you want your work team to do something, start by doing it first, so you will give the example and other people will feel motivated to support you.
  2. Although people's attitude is negative and they think they are in short supply, you can help them get out of that negative mental state and having nothing at the beginning, you can cooperate to have a final result that benefits everyone.

This was my steemhomework Day 349-255, I hope this information has contributed to the growth of the #steemiteducation community, happy and blessed day!

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