NEW WORD? WEEK DAY 2 - Plandid

in #steemiteducation4 years ago (edited)

Hello Steemians!

Yesterday he had sweatworking - do you remember what it means? if not check the link!

Today, a word that has been created due to the power of social media. Have a look below:


It is a combination of two words: CANDID + PLAN

Candid means honest, true, unposed (when thinking about photos), whereas if sth is planned it is thought through and organized... So  you plan to have a photo that looks as if you didn't plan it...

Think 90% of instagram photos ;) "This is me in the morning" "oh look! My partner caught me eating a burger".

They are all plandids...

Stay tuned for DAY 3! And remember to follow me @cwbrooch and upvote :)


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