Knock, knock jokes day 3

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Hi Steemians!

Getting used to the knock knock jokes already? Time for day three! :)

 The hero of today's joke is a cow... well... not quite, have a look :) 2

The joke here is based on something in pronunciation called elision. If two identical sounds are next to each other (the same sound finishes the word and begins the next one ), in most cases one of the sounds will be omitted.

Don't tell anyone! -> "don tell"
Big game -> "bi game"

In this case we have beeF and Fair. So if we omit one of the sounds and read it a bit differently, what comes out?

"Be fair!" 

Which actually means that if beef fair was a real sentence or phrase, without the context it would be impossible to predict whether someone was talking about beef or actually being fair :) 

Don't you just love English?

Stay tuned for day four  tomorrow :)

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