Paying My Students To Write... With Steemit

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Today marks the first day of me paying my students to learn. I never thought that this day would come, except that this is a little different. Today marks the day that I used Steemit to get my students excited about writing and the pay-out has finally arrived. After converting it to the local currency, I managed to get the rest of the class excited about writing English essays.

As a teacher trainer, I have trained many teachers. My job is mainly to guide and mentor these teachers. This includes helping them overcome issues of teaching and management in the classroom. Throughout the years, there has been one issue that has plagued many novice teachers. That problem is the inability to get students excited and engaged in the lesson, especially lessons on writing.

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As such, I have always experimented with new ways that can be used to get students excited about writing lessons. I have used games and even VR (virtual reality) to get students excited. However, nothing beats the use of Steemit in teaching writing.

The Plan

The plan was to introduce writing topics from the Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) syllabus. Some of these topics are even adapted from their speaking assessment. The plan was to get the students to practice and ‘immerse’ in the language.

Immersion is used in second language education to increase the frequency of a particular target language’s use. Often, the students will speak their first language more often than the second language that they are trying to learn. This is counterproductive to their learning. As such, my plan was to get my students excited to use Steemit to write.

The Result & What’s Next

The result from this little exercise was that students became rather excited and curious about Steemit. Never have they ever been paid to write and learn. Some may have assumed that I paid them with my own pay. However, many of them logged in to see how their posts were doing.

Students receiving their first payout

Upon seeing the rewards, many were interested to open their own accounts to start blogging on their own. My role however was just to support and facilitate their writing. If you look at the picture, the students obtained a pay-out of approximately 3 USD. This was largely thanks to @teammalaysia for supporting and upvoting the post. The best thing that came out of this was that the students were proud of their achievements. I believe that they were happy not because of the money, but the support from the community. Having your work appreciated is definitely a powerful thing and I intend to use this more often in the classroom, if my boss approves, of course.

The next step for this project would be to get students to post from their very own accounts instead of @steemit-esl. Furthermore, I will be tackling the students’ speaking problems by live-streaming or taking videos of them speaking, with their permission of course.

The Potential Issues

There are a few issues that are rather apparent in this situation. The first is the issue of intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation. If someone is intrinsically motivated to learn, they will do so even without any rewards. This is because their drive lies not with what they can get out of it. However, if they are extrinsically motivated, chances are that when the reward stops, so will their learning.

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My fear in this case is that their learning will be based on Steemit’s rewards and not the community nor the learning. Like many who have stopped Steeming the moment Steem price plummeted, I hope my students would persist in their writing even if they do not receive much rewards.

The other issue is the lack of research to convince academicians. I need a large sample size to ascertain the long term effects of using Steemit to teach writing. If the results are promising and the students do show improvement, I have a better chance of convincing my superiors to implement Steemit to teach for the long term. However, if no improvement is seen in the students’ results, I believe I will be asked to stop doing this.

However, whatever the future holds, I believe that eventually, many would see the benefits of using Steemit as a language teaching tool. I won’t be surprised if one day we may be seeing studies on teachers using Steemit to teach. There are many studies on Google Scholar on teachers using Blogger or Facebook to teach, I believe Steemit will be next.

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Will be raving about your initiative and may even take it personal and start a few classes here if I am able. Well done buddy.


Thanks so much! If you do start a class, do let me know your thoughts on how it went! Am going to share this today at a conference, I'm hoping that it will go well.

very good posting brother. good luck always in steemit business


Thank you so much

You have definitely provided rich learning experience of how they can apply what they learnt to the real 21st century job. Many future jobs could be online jobs where future generations do not even need to step out of their houses. Good effort indeed! I agree with the instrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors but better to get motivated than not at all. As teachers, we get excited and satisfaction when our students get excited about learning!


That's right! Once this catches on to the masses, I'm sure every cool kid would be on Steemit or something like Steemit. Might as well just get them on first and get them using it for their own development. Have you tried using Steemit in class @fun2learn ?


I have not tried and will not be able to. My students are below 12 years old at Primary level. There are boundaries set in introducing incentive reward that restrict us from doing so.

What is your native language? In what city do you apply this knowledge until now?
I am already following this user and the other one you mentioned to support them and be able to read their publications.
With respect to the problem that you pose:

    Why do not you encourage your students to collect it for a month for charity, so they will be interested in getting money but not for themselves but for a good cause. Would you give me permission to translate your publication into Spanish so that it reaches more educators around the world? I think it's an excellent technique to implement.

    Definitely, you have my permission to translate it, do drop me a link too? So if cheetah or steemcleaners come by, I can support your claim.

    I apply this knowledge in a place called Borneo, Malaysia. My native language is actually English but I speak three languages and my students are Chinese speakers, which I'm familiar with too. Thank you for stopping by! Looking forward to the translation.


    Hi @alvinauh
    This is the link of the traslation in spanish:
    Im place to meet you...
    My native languages is Spanish but in this days i write more in english that spanish.
    See you soon.

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    This is genius and such good real world applications to instill in students.


    That's right, I was always impressed with how community driven many Steemit projects are. Trying to apply the same in my students' learning. Appreciate you stopping by!

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    This is a great motivation to them! Wondering why my teacher doesnt do that to me previously! Hahaha

    But anyways! This is a good way to motivate young generation to write and read! Upvoted your post! You deserve it!! @alvinauh

    I love people who invest in children! As someone who has worked with kids for over 20 years - it's absolutely a passion of mine to influence them for their futures! I love coming up with new ideas and projects to get them excited! Great job on this - I think you succeeded well!!!! :)

    This idea is brilliant. It really can motivate them to write and post more even if is just a little of payout from steemit at this moment instead of gain nothing from other platform. Well done bro!

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    what a awesome teacher you are...
    why this thing dint exist on my school time...