Steemit Dredge Report - 1/7/2018

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I've caught a little break with flagging these accounts. It seems even bots have down time. The next post pays out 1/9/2018 18:26 and I'll be building VP as much as I can until then.

Pending Flag Queue for Dart

@dart Activity Increased Due to Delegations from @steem

I found the reason for the increased activity. It seems @steem has been delegating SP to accounts with less than 15 SP to enable them to perform transactions on the blockchain. This has fueled up accounts that were previously powered down or had their delegations removed by @steem for abuse (@ecoworld). The number of accounts I've identified is quite large - 1,633 accounts in October and 7,841 in December.

The chart above shows delegations from @steem to accounts older than 14 days. In October @steem delegated 48MVests (23k SP) and in December 227MVests (111k SP).

@steem Still Creating Accounts with Delegation

In the last 7 days @steem has created and delegated to 586 accounts that fit the pattern.

I've identified a total of 17,659 accounts associated with the account @dart or fitting known patterns so far. After spending 3 days crafting queries and looking at patterns I'm not sure how many more accounts could belong to this group. I know at one time they were attempting to use @minnowboosters vote bot and used exchanges for transfers.

I think there is probably a group of 2 or 3 individuals here, maybe more judging by the transactions.

If you think watching me flip through 50 accounts is boring try doing it for hours on end. It's worse when they have different voting patterns & I have to flip through images I have stored to find and compare them.

A quick check adds 185 accounts created by @steem within the last day in addition to the figures above. That adds another 5,180 SP to their voting pool brings the grand total on my list to 17,844 accounts and still growing.

They currently have delegations totaling 216.279k SP & 34.269k SP for a pool of 250.548k SP. At today's price that is $1.3M USD of STEEM delegated to a group of known scammers.

According to Weekly Steem Stats Report - First week of 2018 the first week of the year there were 5,180,640 votes. The group of dart accounts cast a total of 1,151,652 or 22% of those votes.

Witness Voting

You can vote for my witness here.

Wittnesses I vote for and support:


Image by @atopy

Current Projects:

@steemcleaners 🙝 @spaminator 🙝 @steemsugars

My Delegations:

DelegateeAmountVesting SharesDelegation Time
celestial100.098 SP0.205 MVests2017-12-19, 00:11
healthy-home100.108 SP0.205 MVests2017-12-17, 04:06
infinite-monkey20.021 SP0.041 MVests2017-12-17, 23:16
mkmohit50.055 SP0.103 MVests2018-01-15, 18:21
msp-creativebot100.838 SP0.207 MVests2017-07-29, 23:24
pinkertonrya100.559 SP0.206 MVests2017-12-16, 01:08
prowler147.146 SP0.301 MVests2018-01-29, 22:01
reveur103.368 SP0.212 MVests2017-11-10, 18:41
sariel200.021 SP0.410 MVests2018-02-04, 17:13
smartsteem100.006 SP0.205 MVests2018-01-06, 13:52

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Flag queue update:




It will not be wrong later, please help me @patrice


I'll post well now, please pick up the mack-bot from my account. I can not post it for 9-10 days. My mistake will never be there, Please please help me dear @patrice


Stop YouTube Videos or Images that you didn't create if you don't write about why you're posting them. There's no need to spam a bunch of images or videos.

Find a group, make friends, post pictures of your cat or dog. Tell us about your life. Just don't post spam.

Post for 7 days then come find me.


ok dear
thanks for reply

You're amazing @patrice - Thank you for all that you do! Proud to have voted you as witness.

I definitely appreciate what you do. You've had my witness vote since I first heard you speak on Steemitizens on Steem. I look forward to hearing what you have to say every week. It is insane the amount work you and your team are doing to fight this abuse. I thank you.

Outstanding work @patrice. Let's see if there are crickets in the room or not.

Bot downtime, due to bandwidth issues, I guess.
If their SP is below 50SP, it is hard to do anything on the blockchain.
A newly created account, bot or not, has 28 SP from @steem. This was 133kb yesterday around 1800 UTC.
Almoste none transaction goes through with that low bandwidth


I'd forgotten about that. This would have been downtime seven days ago though since I'm working on posts close to payout. Maybe I'll get a two day break next week!


7 days ago or 14 days ago, it was the same.
It was around that time I created @microbot and had massive issues to power up.. I did not have enough SP in that account. So I always got the error, I should power up..when I wanted to power up..arghl

But in 5 Days your break will start, bandwidth issue is now every day ;)


Thanks. My days run together.

Ironic that the spam fighter gets spam comments. And tonight the first 2 comments were spam. 😜


At least it is quality hand crafted spam.
This account uses esteemapp, if you look into steemd:


Congratulations @patrice, this post is the forth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Superuser account holder (accounts that hold between 1 and 10 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Superuser account holders during this period was 1710 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $20771.58. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

No idea how busy you are and if you are aware of this, but word is you control the spaminator, steemcleaners and mack-bot accounts, so you are able to do stuff about these:
Your old friend went on a crusade to destroy the STEEM blockcahin.
Just sharing this in case you did not know.
At least you get the opportunity to liquidate your stake before he does.


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Amazing work @patrice, just stopping by to express gratitude and appreciation! Don't think for a moment that your efforts go unnoticed!

Came across some bottom feeders today; not sure if they are already on your radar but will message you on Steemit chat.

Great Post!. Interesting Story. I want more of this. Keep it up

I'm new to steemit and I've come to notice the amount of trash/spam that is filtered through the site, not only does this make it hard for new members to get their content to been seen by the user base but also ruins the atmosphere of the site. I appreciate that members on this site don't take kindly to the spam posts and try to eliminate them (like yourself).

Massive things to think about , there isnt just this perspective we can look at reality with , but it is all subjective , only how things are seen from outside .


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@patrice hey, where can I chat with you? in discord you don't come?

Good as I do to verify a content of some images

it's the truth my friend .great post


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get a new account and start spreading pictures with a cat and see how fast your posts will start to gain at least $ 5 if at all they will start sometime. I'm not talking about 400 ... so there's no point in talking about marals at all - there were no clear indications how to use the network. scammers also check it for strength and vulnerability. But it seems to me that you are too zealous to relate to your work. and power gives you some special abnormal naslozhdenie.many people do not know about steem. When new people come - one must be ready

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I think something is getting lost in translation here. There's no reason for someone to sign up 20,000 accounts using the free faucet when it specifically states it has sms text verification in place in order to ensure each person gets one free account from the faucet.

Some might sign up a couple of accounts not really knowing that they shouldn't. Signing up 10 or more to me shows intent.

Amazing work. I'll vote you as witness, you deserve it!