The Fruit of Hardwork from Steemit: Helping Renovate Our little Bamboo House

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This is the house where my motivation starts before I leave at this house to come to Manila. I build my dreams here.

I am not thier biological family but the people who lives in this house shows genuine care to me. Now it is my time to help them.



Because of steemit and with my other online ventures I have progress a little. But since that Im earning enough to live from steemit I decided to share what I have to rebuild this little bamboo house.



The house where I feel at peace and accepted me inspite of my failures. This house gives me a shelter when I become and my kids a homeless.

We were feed here when we are in hunger. This house gives me a big hope to fight in life. Where I feel no discrimination. In this house I felt that I have a family.

Aside from my children the reason why I work very very hard is to help rebuild this house.It might be not in an instant that this house will renovated.

Im looking forward that this house will be done soon. I decided to put the earnings of this post to buy some construction supply to rebuild this house.


I wish to earn more so that I can help more. I send last week but not that enough. Hopefully I can send again this week or next week.

Im just waiting the SBD and Bitcoin to rise back again. I am planning my retirement at Bukidnon when I get old to live a simple quite life.


Yet I still want to work online. Im checking if wired internet connection is possible in this place.

Yet I do want to buy a own little and and build a own little house with few livestocks. I hope that this plans will happend in future to live in a simple quite life away from distractions with my children.

Id like to have a little house with plants and vegetables around and with chickens, ducks and pigs in the backyard while I continue working online with blogs, call review and cryptocurrency.

Im thankful to my team Steemit Diversify that we are more growing and continue supporting each other.




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It is great to see the real benefits an online community can have in the real world. I hope you achieve your dream and get your little house with the chickens and the internet.

we just need to keep on dreaming and working towards that dream.


It is my dream to help others and we did it through Steemit Diversify helping newbies.

I would like to help. I pledge 30 SBD. I'll promote this post and resteem.

I challenge others to "be of use", It literally costs nothing to upvote, and it helps so much. Let's Help Antonette rebuild this Home

I'll promote your post in hopes of gaining some more views.
I hope others will see how fortunate they themselves are and find some willingness to share.

My best to you and your family.

H. G.

I can match up to $250.00 if others decide to help. This includes the post payout.


Thank you so much @henry-gant you are such a very generous man. You have given more shelter who lives in that house my non biological family. I wish I can do more to thank you thank upvoting and promoting your post as well.

Thank you so much:)

This is such a cute story! This is one of the great things about steemit - it can help people from all walks of life.

This is awesome, and i hope that you can achieve your goal.

Where in Bukidnon po kayo ma'am?

Thank you for sharing that. I hope Steemit helps you complete your dreams.. Good luck.. keep writing about your progress please. I'd like to see updates on your journey

wow maam you're so mabait

Very mabait naman ni @antonette


Ka follow long

everything that need a dream is enough determination for make it reality, and you have a lot of determination, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Good luck po :)

Great commitment.
Well done
I commit resteeming this post

I lived in Bukidnon. Im a crypto enthusiast. You can contact me. Keep steeming!!

Keep fighting..I follow you, follow me back

Very nice, Plz, follow me

Gogogo @antonette... Bisitahin na lang kita kapag nariyan ka na! Lol!

What an amazing thing you're doing and what an inspiration to not just your children but to the others in your life. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and may your little house become your castle.

i praying for you :)

You are really helping these people. it's great to see!

Upvoted. God bless​ your good heart mam.


thank you so much maam jovema God bless you din maam

Like In indonesia..

I can relate to you well. When I want to achieve better, I start at the bottom. I love creating something beauitful out of nothing.

I’m really glad that you have earned and shared what you have to everyone. This is so inspiring!! Keep posting for everyone to be inspired. Thanks!! :-)

upvoted. thanks for sharing it with us.

@antonette A good content looking forward to more quality post, Here rating 10/10 as far as I am concerned!

Lets All make a difference!
Good luck

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Really useful post!

even though our lives are simple, it is important that we have to be optimistic in everything.

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This is a great post and exactly the sort of thing Steam should be used for. Thank you and lets hope this inspires others to create content. I have upvoted.


We all are working, everyone has a family and everyone has to stay with the family. And the main demand of human beings is the meaning ........ which you have gained from life ... maybe going to work with you to meet some good financial needs while living the way of life. But we are all new, it is not possible for us to be able to help. So you want to help you as a small employee.