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RE: Steem Blockchain Update August 2017

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Speaking of layman's problems is not something to talk about.
The important thing in knowing is who wants then he will get it. So you have done something amazing that can improve the mindset of others and the spirit that can make steemit always in the hearts of the layman and the professional.


a very confusing statement indeed

Why did you confuse

"The important thing in knowing is who wants then he will get it."
I can't make heads or tails of that

Hahaha, what is your mean ??? Whats you want me to

This sentence is also incomprehensible, I'm sorry I don't want to be a grammar nazi, but Mabey use a translation program.

Its okay dear. Use the language that easy understand by others people. Thanks for recommendation. I appreciate it, next time I will do it. Cheerss.

Its all good doll face, now go find some women to creepily hit on through steemit champ, god bless

Look for me one.
I dont have girl..

I dont have women. Look for me de

impressive content! No doubt that's great!

hmmm.... i couldn't tell if you were being rude or making conversation... lol. I'll get to the bottom of it! Following :)

Haha lol. How about you if we have a personal room to chat ??

Well, now that you mention it! I do want to find some more people to interview on my tv show, we could chat via Zoom! Let me know if you would be interested! We could talk about your sense of humor ;) or your travels and art ;)

Great thats amazing, interesting words to read. So, whats I will have from the interview LOL ?
I am funny guy. I can make every girl falling in love with my tooth. Haha.

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