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Round #51 of the Comment Challenge is here

Welcome to a new round of the comment challenge, I hope you are ready to write some amazing comments. This week we are entering the wonderful world of the kitchen, but I must warn you, it will be filled with dirt and will look a bit yucky, but I'm sure all the kids will love it. 😁

Please read on to find out more. Get ready to deliver some fantastic comments. Polish your keyboard and sharpen your mind, I want to see those comments rolling in.

Please show us what you have got!

It is vital to get followers, but you also want the correct type of followers. Followers that are genuinely interested in your blog and what you write, and not the “I-follow-you-if-you-follow-me” type. And to attract the right kind of followers, you need to write godlike comments.

This challenge is all about writing those comments.

  • In each challenge a post from a fellow minnow will be featured.
  • The challenge is to write an amazing comment related to that post.
  • I will resteem the post.
  • I will give it a 100% upvote.

This will be part of my campaign to help other Minnows. The #minnowsupportproject helped me and I want to help others.

Join the challenge and practice your skills.

Please join the fun! 💓 💓

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Challenge Instructions

Write a comment linked to the content in the section below "Post To Review"

Write a comment that will intrigue the reader. The comment should be interesting and create an urge in the reader to click through to your blog.

The entry needs to be written as a comment to this post.


The prize for Challenge #51 will be:

  • A 600 SP delegation over two weeks.

Rules and conditions

  • The comment should be relevant to the content below in: "Post To Review".
  • Please mind the length of your reply. I don't want to have strict limits, but remember that your task is to write a comment and not a chapter for a book. ;)
  • The entry needs to be written as a comment to this post.
  • Entries limited to one per person.
  • Entries need to be written in English.
  • I will reply to your comment confirming it is a valid entry.
  • The challenge ends Friday morning, 0600 UTC time.
  • The winner will be presented on Friday evening, UTC time.
  • If the winner is not a Minnow, they can pick a Minnow of their choice to receive the prize.
  • A Minnow is someone with less than 5K SP.

Post To Review

Here follows the post for you to review:

Challenge #51 Post - "How to Make Worms in Dirt Dessert", by @mrchef111.

I guess you all understand now why I said it might get a bit yucky. But I think it's a wonderful idea. It would for sure be a real hit at any children birthday party. And probably many adults will like it as well. 😁

What do you think about this dessert? Is it something you would try out?

Please let us know and give us your best comment.

Please feel free to drop a comment on @mrchef111's post as well, but remember that a valid entry has to be submitted as a comment to this post.

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zeartul - 10 SBD
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nanosesame - 10 SBD
amariespeaks - 5 SBD
leeart - 1 SBD
jo5h - 4 SBD
hitmeasap - 5 SBD
sparrowbernard - 3 SBD
abh12345 - 7.5 SBD (+500 SP 1 week delegation)
yasu24 - 1 SBD

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Constantly challenged by the time commitment of actively engaging on the Steem blockchain, I am often “slow to the party” @danielsaori, but … I usually get there eventually … 😉

Long overdue, this morning I have taken care of an important task. Voting the +13.7 MVests over which I have control in support of your role of one of our all-important Steem Witnesses:

Maybe doesn’t “move the needle” too much, but it will hopefully help you.

I appreciate all that you do, of which I am sure I don’t know the half of it. Still, I have been “in here” long enough to know you are one of the “good guys.” 😊 Lord knows we can’t have too many of those … Keep up the great work! 👍

I really appreciate it Roleerob! Thank you for showing your support. 👍
I've really had a good week and managed to push myself into Top100. I should have a small celebration and make a long overdue witness update post.

Hey @danielsaori ...

"I've really had a good week and managed to push myself into Top100."

... that is great news!

Much further removed from the intricate details of being a Witness, than you are, I have thought about how the Steem blockchain has set this all up. Probably my single biggest concern is how "decentralized" is it truly? When the Top 20 appear to get the "lion's share" of the benefit of being a witness ...

I find the decentralized nature of this new "digital asset" class to be what has probably attracted me to it more than any other factor. Specifically that no "central authority" has control of it - either for good or for bad ... At least, "in theory" that is how it is often represented ...

If you have written a post anywhere on your own philosophy about this, I'd welcome a link to it.

I hope you are having a great day (or night ... 😉), wherever you are!

P.S. While not necessary to maintain my support, if you are comfortable letting me know where you are, I would appreciate it. Just the country is close enough ... 😊

True that the Top20 witnesses are reaping the biggest witness rewards, but they are also playing a special role and they are expected to support and promote the blockchain in the best possible way. If not, they will be voted out of Top20.

Today there is still a financial incentive to maintain a backup witness role, a witness outside of Top20. But what will happen if the costs will rise and rewards keep decreasing? Or even worse, what if it is not profitable to be in Top20, will that be the death of the blockchain? If the steem price would drop that low, the chain might be dead anyway, but the increased costs of running nodes and the lower steem price are things that bother me.

btw, I'm based in The Netherlands. Getting close to bedtime for me. :)
I wish you a nice Friday afternoon/evening.

Hey danielsaori. Thank you for the comprehensive response. I appreciate that! This ...

"... but the increased costs of running nodes and the lower steem price are things that bother me."

On the former, does what I am reading about MIRA help? Supposedly not just a modest, but dramatic reduction in the cost of running a node? On the latter, right there with you.

I elected to take advantage of the "silly" prices late last year to buy myself a dolphin-sized stake. But ... While I have the means to buy a much, much larger share than that, I won't as there are too many issues currently which give me pause. Pretty serious pause ...

That said, it has been fascinating to me to interact with others all over the world. Like with you! 😊 If you are in the Netherlands, perhaps you have worked with @exyle? And the @blockbrothers Witness?

Thanks again for your reply! 👍

This is actually a wonderful idea. Simple recipe, yet fun for all!! Our grandkids would LOVE this!! I feel "joining in" and having your kids or grandkids... even significant other, would make the worms and dirt that much better! We have lost the ambiance, of sitting down together as a family, talking about our day; this is a perfect way to "bring that ambiance back"... and clean up would be easy! Great idea and recipe!

Confirmed! Thank you Wes for your comment. 👍
I hope you get a chance to try it out. Please tell us about it if you do.

At first I was worried because of that worm. Why would I watch it if I don't want to eat it. After watching the video, it was very fun. The way how he hosted ia also was fun. I saw him smiling as he was making the cake. Maybe at first people wonder what's with that worm. Then when he showed the worm, it's just like a jelly worm. It's good for kids and family to have a quality time. It's nice in killing time and enjoying the time.
The idea in making it is awesome.

Posted using Partiko Android

Confirmed! Thank you for the comment.

People have a weird fascination with doing gross things in a safe way. It's experimenting and pushing boundaries. It's hard to get noticed doing something ordinary and that is the very reason we’re always looking to shock, to make people murmur or point fingers. There's no bad publicity and every reaction will serve the purpose of engagement. It's a perfect Halloween desert where little oddities are a welcomed sight. Outside of this holiday its something you can scare your poor grandmother with.

Confirmed! Thanks for the comment.
True about Halloween, it would blend in well. Other than that, I'm sure it would be a hit at many children birthday parties.

I must say when I heard of worms in dirt desert, my eyes immediately widened and in a second, I immediately wanted to see what it was all about. What an experience it was @mrchef111. This one is pretty yucky and I will happily skip desert after a meal with you on this one hahahahaha.It is a great recipe though and I must applaud your skills and courage in sharing this one. I am sure a good number of people out there will really love this desert for sure.

I really wished I had the courage to try it though. I know most chefs do wonders in the kitchen by coming up with outstanding recipes. The outputs are always outstanding and I wished I could try this one but just can't convince myself to it. You think you can convince me to try it Chef?

Thanks for the comment! I understand about the motivation factor. This is not something you make to impress your date. 😉 You don’t have any kids you can make it for? Relatives or friends?

I have friends but I am sure they will all run away at the sight of it 😆😆..
I think I am the only one who might be man enough to try it.

you should try it just for fun and see what they say 😆

You have a point right there.
It could really be fun and a good memory 😆