💌 Comment Challenge #51 WINNER!! (600 SP - 2 weeks Delegation!!) 💌

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This is the moment you have been waiting for! Or, at least that might be true if you are one of the contestants this week. Because it is now time to present the winner of the 51st edition of the Comment Challenge.

We had an interesting food creation in this week's posts, something which stimulated a lot of different senses. Not often you see words like yummy and yucky being mixed so frequently... 😃

Please read on to find out more.

Check out the announcement post and read all the awesome comments: Steemit Comment Challenge #51

Steemit Comment Challenge #51

This week's featured post came from @mrchef111 where he showed us how to make his special dessert, labelled, "Worms in Dirt". Seeing the various reactions it seems to have been a great post for this challenge.

We again had no specific theme so the contestants were free to choose how to best tackle this one.

Congratulations @wesphilbin

The 1st prize this week and the 600 SP 2 weeks delegation, go to, @wesphilbin. The featured post was easy going and fun, and I think @wesphilbin perfectly match that mood. It was a simple and elegant comment with a humoristic touch.

Thank you @wesphilbin for the great comment and congratulations on winning the 600 SP delegation.

Please check out the comment here

1st Prize: 600 SP for 2 weeks!! - Congrats @wesphilbin!!

Proof of payout

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Generous Donations!!

I'm very grateful for the donations received so far. It has given the challenge some extra "steam"!

  • zeartul donated 10 SBD
  • destinysaid donated 5 SBD
  • dray91eu donated 8 SBD
  • tech-trends donated 10 STEEM
  • fishmon donated 10 SBD
  • destinysaid donated 5 SBD
  • fishmon donated 5 SBD
  • nanosesame donated 10 SBD
  • amariespeaks donated 5 SBD
  • leeart donated 1 SBD
  • jo5h donated 4 SBD
  • hitmeasap donated 5 SBD
  • sparrowbernard donated 3 SBD
  • abh12345 donated 7.5 SBD (+500SP 1 week delegation)
  • yasu24 donated 1 SBD

If you are reading this, please visit the blogs of the cool bunch above and send them some love. Why not write them a godlike comment? 😃

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aurodivys, maquemali, blueeyes8960, oliviackl,
blessed-girl, wonderwop, stortebeker, paramimd,
...will YOU be next on the list??

For all you Minnows out there, please remember that a well-formulated comment can be a very profitable business. Not only does it give you cash, but you will also gain followers from it. Spend some time on those 1-2 liners and start making cash from your comments.

*** Thank you all and I see you next time ***

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Peace and Love People

The next round will start on the 9th of June.

Please donate, please help minnows grow.

If you like this idea and would like it to grow. Please feel free to donate and I will add it to next round's Prize. Mention #steemitcommentchallenge in your memo.

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Hey Daniel 😊 Just wanted to pop by and say hi. I'm resuming my judging with @pifc this week, and hopefully spending a bit more time with steemit. Things are also going fairly well on our end; Brian is still hanging in there like the trooper he is! Hope you're well too.

Oh, and congratulations @wesphilbin😊 That's twice I've ran across you in half an hour!

Are you... following me? Haha! Seems all the cool kids are hanging around here :)

Thank you for the kind words, without asking too many questions, I hope things are going well on your end. Real life must always come first... twice in a half an hour aye? Must be a good sign!!

You're welcome @wesphilbin! And ask as many questions as you like :) Things are going ok on our end; Brian is really a trooper ... the strongest man I know!

Hi Lynn, happy to see you drop in. I'm checking your blog from time to time and I'm happy to see that you are keeping in touch with fellow steemians. But it was new to me that you are stalking Wes. 😛

Please send my regards to Brian!
Take care of each other and I wish you a nice weekend.

haha accidentally stalking Wes ... there's a big difference there Daniel :)

Brian says hello as well! He is still hanging there there ... it's remarkable to me the strength that he has!!

Always a pleasure to say hi. I've been meaning to write an "update" blog but time just keeps slipping away on me!

I most certainly didn't expect any type of award. Rather... the contest was quite close to home... with the grandkids (not to mention, me lol)... I thank you very much for your delegation, and will be responding in a more appropriate manner after dinner!!

Congratulations again!
I wish you a great weekend. Take care and I see you around.

Weldone @danielsaori for doing a great work here and contributing to the growth of this community. Congratulations to @wesphilbin for the major price of the week.

I have a suggestion. It would be nice if you make provision for the runners up. Thank you.