Steemit.Chat Update—We're 50,000 Users Now! 10000 New Users Added In 26 days!

in steemitchat •  10 months ago

Today as I was checking the stats I saw that we've crossed 50,000 users on the chat platform. This is epic. Infact we've added over 10000 new users in the past 26 days-that's when I last made an update, just before we entered 2018.

@riverhead has recently updated the software and is working to ensure the chat runs fast and is accessible to all. We've had some issues with DDOS attacks sometime ago and hence cloudflare ddos protection has been enabled. This has improved the chat platform in some areas but i'm sure you are missing using it on your mobile devices via Rocket.Chat app.

Vote for @riverhead

Hopefully in the near future that too will be sorted out. Meanwhile, I request everyone to visit use your active key and vote for @riverhead for witness! It would help us keep the lights on at Steemit.Chat. You can vote for more than 1 witness and it doesn't cost you anything.

If you are new to Steemit and figuring your way around then hop on to Chat and talk to your fellow Steemians and learn how to use this new social media platform that we all enjoy so much!

Also don't forget to participate in the Steemit.Chat Contest here!

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huh, this is the first Ive heard of I'm gunna check it out right now!


You can also choose a witness to vote for you... a proxy. I do that as I know aggroed is a fine witness and I follow his posts. You can choose a proxy or unchoose your proxy from the witness page in your list of "tools" on the far right. The list contains the FAQ, and other useful links!


lol. Same here. See you there!

50,000!!That's a lot of users. Congratulations ☺

Btw I didn't know we can vote for more than 1 witness. 😅
Voted @riverhead.


You can vote for as many as 30 witnesses, so go ahead and type in all your favorites ;)



thanks. Just noticed that myself! wow!

great achievement

very nice post @firepower all the best

congrats to :)

How I just heard about it now? Super cool project, and definitely super useful!

I voted for @riverhead by reading this post.


hmmm good @kinakomochi

Congratulations on the achievement @firepower. 50k is a huge number. I hope more and more users join :)

great info about steam chat I am impressed big brother

I'll have to head on over and sign up. Hopefully I can find some jewelry and gemstone lovers over there. Still trying to build my following. Thanks

@firepower congrats on the 50 000 and counting !

Congrats on 50k users! This is clearly a worthwhile application...wish you the best. Next stop 100k!

wow 50k steemit chat users and you have 18K followers sir thats really awesome. And Ireally dont have an idea that there is an app such a I’ll check that on apple store. Gob Bless You sir

10,000 new people in under a month is pretty impressive. I wonder where they are hearing about Steemit? I found out about it from someone on youtube giving regular updates on his ever growing steemit wallet, I was sold!

Congratulations on your success. Those are some seriously astounding numbers. I definitely need to check this out!

i tell everybody i know come join steemit !! i'm convinced steemit is growing faster and faster :) it's definitely the future of social media!!
let's moon !!
thanks for sharing buddy
upvoted and resteemed !! :)

Thats a big number of users. of It will surely increase to 1 million soon.

Im going to check it out

may be i am one of that 10000 New Users :D

Thanks to accepting me. I'm one of them.
great to Share.
thanks again sir

wouu great..! good post

@firepower. I'm enjoying the Steem chat but the Bot there is always picking on me..😑
Is that part of the programming??

It seems it has a problem with my name @kingmarxelo

Well This is some phenomenal grout. 10k in 26 days is is really fast. I myself have introduced quite a number of persons who are awaiting email to complete registrations.

I've been meaning to get on there and check it out. Excellent news about the growth, things are really taking off right now!

Chat channels are a good idea, but for now people use them only to promote their new articles :( Have you seen other behaviors on this platform ?

Nice job to all who is working on hope u the best

I’m really happy steemit is growing everyday goes to show the growth of when 50,000 people joined the steemit chat. I wasn’t aware of the rocket chat app I just got it now so I can use on steemit chat. Thank you very much for putting this up

That's great, I never knew such platform exist where steemians can actually meet and chat up with friends. I'm gonna check it out!!

Wow that seems very interesting. So is steemot chat work exactly like steemit but used primarily for short conversation? That seems to be my understanding coming from a person who has not tried it.

@firepower congrats 👌 2018 started with a bang...10000 in 26 quite awsome🏆 ....we can see the steemit popularity increasing day by day.... Sprcial kudos to steemitchst team for keeping theplace livelly n happening...

50,000 wow! Soon steemit chat will be competing with facebook chat. This is a great news for us. Congratulations!

steemit needs an integrated secure messenger.

I am a regular user of Steem.Chat. @riverhead gets my witness vote!

I'm definitely gonna do that,I got many queries that should be answered.

Heck yes! Nice. Yes, looking good now.

todoy i am in ... also

Today as I was checking the stats I saw that we've crossed 50,000 users on the chat platform. This is epic. Infact we've added over 10000 new users in the past 26 days-that's when I last made an update, just before we entered 2018.

I love your effort. Will join that chat as well

Congratulation @firepower on your success

I have never heard of steemchat...I will be checking it out now

excellent initiative, supporting everyone especially the teacher @riverhead for its update

excellent initiative, supporting everyone especially the teacher @riverhead for its updateDQmdcA2CKyGgj9gzQAdxRsLFLVVREstSQ2oDoX6eQeGrXdX_1680x8400.jpg

Congratulations for this achievement @firepower


Impressive!also thinking to join it

I am already a member of and I found it very good. I am among the 10,000 of the last 26 days. Greetings.

Nice! Everyday the whole Steem ecosystem get more and more participants. I love it!

Brother, I need your help . . Can U plz help me?


I shunnoo. I'll have to think about it....

favorite stupidcomments

Happy Republic Day my frnd

@firepower I really post Great job

I am quite happy to use the steemit chat. because it makes it easier to communicate with other friends

you have 50000 followers. But what are you doing for us? We are beginners. We all follow you and now It's your responsibility to help us in expanding our followers too.

Congratulations 👍👍👍 really big number ..

That's incredible! And a good way to start the year with 10k new users already! :-)

good post, I like your post ..

I need your support please visit my blog
if you like my post please give upvote, resteem &follow me.
thank you, keep on steemit.


This is an amazing achievement, congratulations. I have a little challenge with, everytime I try to register, I don't get a confirmation link on my mail. I've tried it several times, but it hasn't changed.

hello ..i m new here .

Wow, that's a lot of users! Do you guys have any plans to make signing up possible with Steemconnect, by the way? That way we would not see the fake accounts that pretended to be other people there.

All because of your effort and hardwork.You are great keep it up
Followed you and from India

This is an encouraging move and I'm looking forward to learning more from the steem chat. I'm very optimistic about steem. This is also a way of encouraging people to join the steem platform.

Steemit is Steemit. Its never die.


10000 in a month is incredible!!! The word is spreading everywhere.

Please hold on. There is still a big army from India and other new countries yet to join. :) 2018 is going to be an amazing year for Steemit.

Congratulations ! 50,000 users.

That's Awesome!!

Congrts to team steemit and may god qudripple the count in d comming days

Great job with Steemit chat. Just started using it, great interface. Though I have some observation and suggestions but am still experimenting with it and in time will bring my suggestions forward.

i will be happy ..
follow me #lizasteem

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Sweet! And more are coming!

Followed , always nice to read posts like this , thanks to blogs like this new users can faster learn all about steemit .