Official website has launched (Demo)

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The site is currently in development the Demo version is up.

This site will showcase all charity posts who wish to post under the tag steemitcharity.
We hope to streamline the process for anyone trying to earn money for any charitable cause.

But we need your help there's somethings were going to need make:

Post verification page that shows a post has been verified with proof of the charity or cause.
Page to verify charity posts so that the community knows if said user is trusted or been vetted.
Back admin panel for people involved with the project to be able to post with out giving post details.

Meaning if a bad egg desires to spam we can instantly retract their access to our profile.

Img's so people can place a verified image or button in their post leading them to a verified page on the site.
Earnings tracker for total earnings, monthly earnings and more.
And a bit more.

Our introduction post and what where all about:

Contributors list of names who donated SBD, BTC or Steem:

So if you would like to donate to the project you can do so below or with an upvote.

Also feel free to leave a comment of your opinion or if you want to collaborate on a post.


This is a great way to contribute to the community, and something I think a lot of people have been looking forward to. Nice work.

Well thank you we hope it helps out a lot. You will be a seeing a lot from us.

great idea... I´m working on something very similiar. where arte you guys from? maybe we can do something together.

Oh that's cool to hear and were open to collaborating with people on posts.

what do you mean by "collaborating with people on posts"?

Nice we got a Retweet on the Steemit twitter i you're not following it you should be.

Looks like a great project!

Well thank you, we hope it helps the community in some way.

Can't wait to see how this all works out :)

Like wise and thanks for your help.

Love the idea!

Well thanks we hope to get as much community support as possible and see what nice things this community can do. Please feel free to follow us you will be seeing a lot of big things coming from us.

+1 and Followed, GOOD work !

Well thanks you very much and welcome to the family.

Working on '"Being" part of this "Great Family", Thank You !!!

Good luck with this project! Collaborating makes us stronger, this is why we started one new project to bring more Steemit users in #thegreencandle Maybe you want to take a look and help us grow this idea if you like it!

We will take a look at it, whats the whole point of the idea in short summery.

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