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RE: SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - Collect badges and win free SBD - 1700 SBD prize pool!

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Sounds really cool - But will I really need to resteem EVERY Match post?

Upvoted for visibility!


Resteem requirement has been removed. Thanks for your feedback.


I registrred myself how to join the contest @arcange Sir?

Do we need to vote 100 percent ? I just registered.

It's really an amazing contest. I want to participate in this. But To participate in this contest there is need to send some steem or SBD. And I have no any steem so I cannot participate.
And thanks for organising this contest.

just wanted to post exactly this. I was planning on using my secondary account for this contest, as resteeming every single post is something that would have completely hidden any content of my blog. But even with the secondary acc, it felt not good.

Glad that it's been removed!

so a secondary account means you have two accounts? Is it allowed in Steemit? i am a newbie so help me understand about this part. Thank you @sco and @golddeejay

Hi. Yes, you are allowed to have unlimited numbers of accounts. BUT: You have to pay a 5 STEEM creation fee for them, and aquire them via anonsteem, not steemit.

OMG, for sure not, this would spam the blockchain to death :)

Guess you have too^^

I am wondering if a hundred accounts on my list resteemed the same football post 3 or 4 times in day. It will all be messed up.

I hope those i am following are not considering that...then we see again soon, sometimes in july.

Can I write a post in Hindi

Can I write a post in Hindi

Yes. You are encouraged to add to the diversity of steemit. There should be a tag you can use for your language.

Really want to register, how can I register my self??

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