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RE: SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - The results, the winners and the prizes

Sorry @steemitboard but the allocation of sbd is very poor... how can the 4th 5th 6th ..... 10th take so low ... though I'm not among them I got 28 badges (even though I didn't play some of the time) I just have to complain for users in that category... they achieved a lot but got so little...that's bad !!!


The rules were clearly stated and each participant, when registering, accepted these rules. You find them unfair, why not mention it earlier?

In essence, contests are generally unfair. It is often only the top 3 (sometimes only the first - winner take all) that are rewarded. For the others: nothing!

In our case, all participants who correctly guessed the outcome of a match received something.

Now, let's do some math!

Only 35% of the prize pool was allocated to the top 3 winners.
The remaining 65% was distributed to all other successful players, based on their score.

The registration cost was 0.010 SBD
The reward for 1 collected badge is 0.060 SBD
That's a 600% return if you were smart or lucky enough to guess the result of a single match, even if you are at the very bottom of the ranking.

You want to us give way more to the 4th 5th 6th ..... 10th rank.
OK, then please tell us how much will be left for the lowest ranked players?

Do you still consider it as "bad !!!" or unfair? Make your own contest with your own rules!

I agree. Great contest. Lots of fun, but the prizes aren't being distributed well. At least have joint third place. Very unfair to those who scored 41 and are in 4th and 5th place.

I don't think so, the reward is fair. Just as every contest has a rule so does this. Beside the persons in that position did not state out a complain. I remember reading a post from the board on how the 3rd position will be selected , which is a sign of transparency.

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