Tips to make it Big - Make your Mark !!

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Since the time crypto market started to take plunge, many have already left the platform. The fall in Steem prices still going on and with below a dollor price, hardly anyone is interested to continue. However if we see it just as another different social network platform, things could have been different.

Crypto experts and critics have started to present different graphs and article which shows drastic reduction on User Activity on Steemit platform, putting a question mark on Steemit sustainability for longer period.

Low rewards being the prime reason making many user be it old or new to part away from steem platform. But if you take my words, this is the right time to increase your stake on Steem Blockchain. Even if you are not a investor who can bring in huge amount, you can still make a mark now by being refular and share your stuff on Steemit.



There are many alternative and reward generatings way , one can take part to take some rewards in return.

Here are the list of few way through which , you can be regular on Steemit and can enjoy the fruit when ripe or the price surge in coming days...

  • esteem: The esteem encouragement program run by @good-karma and @esteemapp team, make sure their user gets reward everyday for using @esteem mobile app or esteem surfer. So install and post content to add value to your reward.

  • Ulog: This one have swamped Steemit within no time. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle for introducing the #ulog to make people write on their daily acitivity log. User gets rewarded by @surpassinggoogle for submitting their ulogs each day.

  • Steemhunt: The great platfor to reward you for hunting or exploring the new gadgets and technology. Dig in your search and submit it using @steemhunt platform to get for sure rewards. The rewards depends on ABV method. Check out their accountbfor details.

  • Utopian-io: Who can forget the dream project of @elear started with few open source contribution and making it to the big. is A great platform where you will get rewards for writing tutorials, translation, bug hunting, etc on any open source product or site.

  • Partiko: The new kid on Steem with fast access its the best way to increase your interaction ans commenting skills. Though this app does not reward but one can use it to earn rewards points for every Steemit activity. The point system on @partiko app keep you hooked.

These are few of the handy options that keep your interest and motivates to be regular on Steemit. A gurranteed return for your content , though not much to take you to moon but enough to keep your stake alive.

Stay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow


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The low pay outs are really discouraging. I am only hoping things get better around here. Thanks for sharing the awesome tips.


Apart from rewards there are many things to take just need to find your source that keep you motivated

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During the low time in stern we need people like you to boost up the morale and giving people reason to continue blogging.
Keep it up!

Thanks....trying to keep spirit high as much as possible

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Exactly, steem on! Thank you for the tips @steemflow

So very true and great ideas. I love the desktop esteem. I wish Discord gave you the option to use esteem over a standard browser.

good post! ive tried almost all of the above suggestions and some work and others do not. altogether it really depends on the person and how they want to invest. glad to hear they are all working for you!! :)

i try diff things for a week or month and usually drop it if i dont see much in return. its tough with the drop right now but encouraging posts of any sort are what counts so thank you!!!

Instead of leaving ..there are many options to try....steem blockchain is a vast option....any sort of rewards may pump up the user to stay

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my comment that any good post is an encouraging one in regards to the suggestions you mentioned. also, i didnt mention leaving in my comment. 🤔

steem has a great future, but only to those who'll hold it on.

Patience and Persistence...👍

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hey hey!!! Great to have you with our @steemitbloggers family now @steemflow ;)

Thanks @jaynie hopefully so far have done the right thing..

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Good Lookin Out #steemitbloggers Fam 😊 Great suggestions. I am on that make your mark vibe with you @steemflow.....yessssah!

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Thanks @thereikiforest looking forward...ahead

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Thank you @steemflow for the information and direction to follow sir.

Steem on!!! @lapb

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I will keep on steemit. Thank you for the tips.

Great ideas. I was also advised at every turn once I made it here to steemit to not be trying to do it for the money but to do it because it's a place to share my content. I've kept that in mind my entire ride here; the money is nice, but I'm here for the people who want to stick around through good and bad and the communities that I have become a part of during my time here more than the money. I know it'll pay off in the long-run and I'm okay with that, and I'm glad to keep finding others who feel the same :D

@sigilmancy 👍 when it comes to money everything gets spoiled treat it as any other social media platform and any rewards thereby is just the bonus

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Great examples.. Dont forget contest right here on steemit too! There is always some kind of contest going on ways to win sbd/steem and all kinds of other cool prizes :)

There are few more as well...

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