Hold Your Horses! Is 1st Jan Really the New Year?

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What are you doing today? Getting ready to face 2019? Hold your horses!



Instead of looking forward to new goals, how about reflecting the cycle of 2018. And this is the right moment to do so.


Technically, we are still in the 2018 Quarter of Mutation. In the other word, we are still going through some transformation until we reach a limitation (Gate 60). 2019 cycle will begin when the Sun leaves Gate 60.6 and enters Gate 41.1 (approx on 22nd Jan 2019). In Gate 41 where we begin our human experiential way.

This may seem small or irrelevant to you but ponder on this.

Do you realize how difficult it gets when you start your journey towards your goals on 1st Jan? For example, how many new years do you try to diet or exercise but end up failing? The reason is that on 1st Jan, we are influenced by the pressure to know our purpose. The pressure also comes through provocation and tension (Gate 38 - Gate 39). You certainly do not want to start anything new through tension.

You may also feel melancholy for not knowing your purpose. This is the reason why we all end up rushing towards 2019, thinking that this is the way we get to our purposes. If you do feel this rushing energy to live your purposes; Reflect and Patience is the key.

We still have four transit Gates to go (38, 54, 61 and 60 - approx 22 days) before we can begin something new. Meantime, enjoy the remaining cycle of mutation and transformation.


This is me today. I was on the bed watching Netflix and I thought "my fingers need some shoes!" :D. I guess I'm gonna kickstarting my journey towards 2019 with some glam! LOL...




Original post: instagram.com/yourpersonalmotivator

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Thank you for reading, I hope this can shed some lights on your journey!
Blessing to you all.

Comment and share your thoughts with me if you like.

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Exactly la. Only calendar changed. Wife same, job same, salary same 🤣

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Hahaha... True also kan... LIFE...

Slow but sure managed change works, resolutions never worked for me.

Another day, another dawn try your best all day long, slowly you build up confidence and overcome many hurdles.

Good to learn about the gates, at least it gives those who wish to make big changes a chance to prepare mentally for them @roselifecoach


Thank you so much for sharing your insight.
True, it's all up to yourself as well..

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Busted!! hahaha
But more importantly, I wonder if those shoes in my size ;p

Those gates are interesting knowledge to me. And I definitely love the shoes on the fingers.

I also stop listing down resolution which I did some years back. But it did help but never 100% fulfilled. This year I will take time to find the one word or one theme which best describe who I wanna be for the better me and better year and see how it goes. And most importantly, I am actually taking one day at a time. Hehe.

Thank you for sharing insights to us.


Haha love the finger shoes, they look like hearing aids


Yes, I've been told many times!
Ain't they lovely!!


They sure are

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