I Weep

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I weep for my childhood once found but now lost.

I weep for time gone by, sold at a cost.

I weep for the timid tattered boy I wanted to be.

I weep for failing again and again humanity.

I weep for the pain we inflict upon one another.

I weep for the unprotected, downtrodden brother.

I weep for those now dead and gone home.

I weep for those yet born wandering alone.

I weep for the gnashing of teeth of those in torment.

I weep for those judged by man, not God in their lament.

I weep for mothers and fathers, daughter and son.

I weep for the warriors who live by the gun.

I weep for those too ashamed to cry.

I weep for those who must live and die.


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All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter,
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

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I feel you. This is so sad, yet so real. Much love!


Thanks, I knew you would definitely "feel" it.

Simple yet poignant. Nice.


Thanks brother! That means a lot to me.

Very beautiful and emotion filled.


Thank you for taking the time to comment and for the compliment.


It was my pleasure
I am finding some incredible talent here on Steemit!
I'm just a country gal out here in the sticks. With Steemit I can travel the world and meet incredible people.
Look forward to your future posts!

This is so beautiful & touching straight to the heart


Thank you for saying so. I appreciate the comment.

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Beautifully written!


Thank you, I appreciate the compliment and support!

Beautiful blog...


Thank you


you are welcome friend...

This is just too beautiful, thanks for sharing this @papacrusher


thank you for the compliment!

wow sir papacrusher this has me all weepy now, thanks! did you have to be in a melancholy mood to write this or can you do it just be mentally thinking about these things? because I'd get depressed but then you see sad situations on a daily basis. pretty darn thought-provoking though.


Thanks for the comment. That was a really great question. For me, I am able to access it from a detached point of view. I have a switch I am able to hit that allows me to either access pain and emotion or ignore it. I'm not sure if it's from all of the years of exposure to horrific situations or just a bit of sociopathic tendencies...lol


haha! well sir papacrusher I choose to think that it is from years of exposure that professionals have to be able to handle.

That's brilliant

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The image drew me in, but the words kept me here. Thanks.