Share your #TrackoftheDay and WIN 2SBI (If I like yours most...)

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Ok peeps! I have decided to "change up" my
TRACK OF THE DAY posts again... and this is how its gonna roll!


step 1.

I am going to share my favourite track for the day (which is essentially irrelevant but I just like sharing music haha!! - and you HAVE to listen to it :P because I TOTALLY have a way to gauge that lol)

step 2.

You share YOUR best track for the day in the comments.

step 3.

The track I like the most gets 2 SBI

step 4.

And if I am in a particularly good mood,
the second and third favourites may get 1 SBI each as well :)

The winning selection/s will be made at any time within the 7 day curation period of the relevant post




Life without music is a complete non-negotiable as far as I am concerned. There is honestly NEVER a moment in my world where I do not have music playing from somewhere… whether it’s in the lounge while I am working, the kitchen while I am cooking, the bathroom while I am showering, or in the car while I am driving… there is ALWAYS music… Music to me, is soul food!

It does not matter whether you have loved it for ten minutes or ten years.... Let's HEAR it!!! What is YOUR Track of the Day?

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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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hello @jaynie the other day I shared a song from a venezuelan band, they have a lot of talent here I share another one of them I hope you like it


I have never heard this @oneherra and I REALLY like it!!!! Very original!


Thank you @jaynie I love to make known this band they have a lot of talent, but the economic citation of my country has not let them get known in the world

Esta canción a estado pegada en mi cerebro gracias a su pegajoso coro.

Slovenian jazz group singing cover of one of the most famous 80's songs, what they achieved with their voice and their hands is impressive

I'm a huge ska fan... But for some reason this song keeps popping up. The old version... But I prefer the ska version!


hahaha!!! SUPER COOL! Will have to say that I love the AHA original most - but really DO appreciate the funky and instrumental approach of this version!


In comparison to the original, it feels like they are hyped up on red cordial and sugar..

This one never fails...


OH YESSSSSS!!!! Jude and listen to this almost EVERY morning on the way to/from school!!!!


I've heard it like a million times and it never gets boring :0)

my eternal favorite song, if you told me what song represents me without a doubt is this


WOW! What an AMAZING share!!! LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!


CONGRATS!!!! :) ![sbi.png]sbi.png

Thank you for sharing! Your track has been highlighted in todays post :)

as there is no limitation of song genre today I am going to share one that is very special to me


Have ALWAYS loved this song! Great share, thank you!

I like me some SBIs :D


and I like me some tunes!!! hahahahaha ;)


yo yo yo....!~ rap


What an AWESOME song!!!!!!

I can not tell you how many romantic evenings we have had with this playing. Sade's voice is so beautiful and the words...yes, yes love this... Sade - No Ordinary Love Sade - No Ordinary Love


This one too @jaynie come on now: title: The Sweetest Taboo

I just love this song! :)

I like this sudden change of pattern for trackoftheday and already eager for those SBIs :)


Great song @bluemist - captivating lyrics...

I can not deny that the original version is too good, but in acoustic the voice is something impressive


oooooh!!! This had me in the first 3 seconds! LOVE IT! Acoustic versions are always so "soulful"!

Hello good afternoon, I hope you like it


Really like this track! Thanks for sharing!

A hauntingly beautiful song I came across recently. Also featuring a not very well known instrument, the nyckelharpa which is kind of like a hurdy gurdy.


A beautiful track indeed!!!! It has been a long time since I have seen the Runic alphabet used in "expression". Lovely share @sigilmancy xxx

This is rather embarrassing but this was my track of the day! Don’t ask me how or why it popped into my head today but I needed to listen to it

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hahahahahaha!!!! We ALL have "those kind of track" days eh ;) and I think more often than not these days lol!!! CLASSIC share!!!! ;)

Here is a song from cousin Lyle, just for you @jaynie

Eminem...the Fall....gotta get back up and grind.



Thank you for sharing! Your track has been highlighted in todays post :)

Hey Janie! Great contest!! Music is life 🎶🎵
Here's my entry for today 💪👊🎈🙌🎆

What a great contest, to share some music! My track of the day is "The Wrote and The Writ" by Johnny Flynn! <3


When my daughter was in elementary school, I had her and her girlfriends believing, for several years, that I used to be in a "Boy Band." As they got older, some started getting a bit suspicious as, apparently, I don't act all that much like a "Rock Star."

So, I'd show them some of my poems and tell them that they were "lyrics." My "Boy Band" was ... "The Beatles." And, sure enough, one of the Beatles was named "Paul" too. I told them that I got sick of all the groupies and changed my last name to avoid the paparazzi.

Somebody's Mom got wind of my alter ego assertions and provided me with a guitar and begged, in front of all the girls, "Please, please, please ... play ... "Hey Jude" ... it was my favorite of your songs."

It was not pretty.

Bloody Moms.

Anyway, in that vein, here's me jamming with a few of the lads:

The old guys may be old ... but they've got gravitas.


this is a beatifull song

Had to go for this one!

today has been ED SHEEREN day!!! Its friday and its perfect!

My favorite and always on repeat is PERFECT

Billie has got it going on, but here's an underplayed classic to get the friday mood going.
Ain't that unusual by the Goo Goo Dolls

  • enjoy x

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Not the track of the day, but of the year for me:

and very likely the most sad music ever composed!
If you allow to engage with this piece of art and see this passion, perfection and harmony between those 4 artists - it is just amazing! I like pop as well, but when comparing to this... this will stay for centuries.

I'd never heard of Billie Eilish before. Liked it. I have no idea what your taste is so I am going to hedge and choose an oldie. Go by Delilah.


CONGRATS!!!! :) sbi.png

Thank you for sharing! Your track has been highlighted in todays post :)


I'm glad you like the track. I think it is a great twist on "Ain't nobody" which becomes very luscious.

This Steemit shrimp thanks you very much for the SBI.