French Style Pork Stew with Shaved Ham and Coriander Micro Herbs

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❤ Ola Foodies ❤

It sure has been a while since I had that opening line on a post haha! It has been WAY too long since I did a "foodie" post... so I thought I would cook up something this weekend past and share it with all of you. As usual - I found a recipe "glanced over the fundamentals" and then made it my own.

French Style Pork Stew with Shaved Ham and Coriander Micro Herbs


Mostly when I look for things to make for dinner, I choose a meat preference and then search via images... if the image appeals to me, I will go and look at the recipe. In this case... THIS was the image that caught my attention and enthusiasm!

Image Source

Now, the ingredients and the process was rather similar, but as usual - I did my own take on it for various reasons.... ingredient availability, taste preferences, dietary choices and so on. So this is what I concocted.... haha!

This is what went into my version:

Two packs of stewing pork
About a handful of shaved ham
Approx. 10 baby carrots sliced julienne style
Approx. 4 mini celery sticks diced
A pack of cubed sweet potato
One peeled and halved onion
Half a cabbage
A pack of micro herbs with coriander.
A bunch of parsley, lemon thyme and a bay leaf.


Firstly, I put about a litre of water and then another litre of chicken stock into a pot and added the stewing pork, the halved onion, the bay leaf, the lemon thyme and the parsley. I brought this to a gentle simmer and removed the "scum" that had developed on the surface of the water with a spoon. Once that was done, I placed the lid on the pot and popped it into the oven for about 1.5 hrs at 160 degrees Celsius.


Then I removed it from the oven, added the sliced carrots and sweet potato cubes, some salt and pepper and then placed it back in the oven for another 25 minutes.



Then I removed it from the oven once again and added the sliced cabbage. Yes, it may appear to be "too much" cabbage... but trust me, it cooks down to nothing, so go wild! haha


as you can seeeeeeeee..... lol



Then I threw the shaved ham in... popped it back into the oven, lowered the heat to 50 degrees and that was that! I left it like that for a couple of hours until we were ready to eat. It was REALLY a wonderful dish of comfort food and made a really nice change from the traditional type stews that are served with a carb of some kind (rice or potatoes). It was much lighter. All I did when serving it was added a sprinkling of the micro herbs on top.

That little punch of coriander (cilantro / Dhanya) every other mouthful was just GORGEOUS!



If you do decide to give it a go, I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts!

Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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@jaynie I've been waiting for this post for a few days now since you first mentioned that you were going to make it. It looks awesome! Your dishes always come out so colorful! I will definitely give this one a go.


MWAH!!! Sorry it took so long @rwedegis.... I got distracted by life as usual haha!!! Yeah, when it comes to cooking, I am afraid the designer in me cannot let go... and I need colour balance and vibrancy. I cannot STAND dishes that look bland hahaha :)


It's funny how life can do that at times! I hope all is well. I get worried when you don't post anything meaty for a while. (pun intended! hahaha!) I'm going to try this stew thingy tonight, but I'll do it the quick way in the pressure cooker!

Photo fantastic food items..looks really delicious

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Oh what a lovely surprise!!! Thank you :)


Your welcome!
Just giving the love back to our foodie lover supportive Steemian! ❤️


It looks amazing. I haven't cooked anything in quite a while. My roommate is a chef, so anytime I cook something I always have to endure his comments. So what? I'm not a chef but I really do think I'm a good cook. I would love to try your food sometime.


aaah thanks @jeezzle!!! Thats a little bit of a double edged sword really isnt it... haha - bonus having a chef around but you should also be able to explore your own culinary creativity!

Well... any time you may visit Cape Town, I will GLADLY have you over for some home cooked nomness ;)

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Appreciate the support - Many thanks :)

That's it! I'm officially hungry now and it's your fault. Looks delicious. Feel free to UPS overnight a bowl to me.


hahahaha my humblest apologies @spozone.... (not! lol) ;)

Oh my favorite 👩‍🍳 chef ;-) @jaynie 😊. The winter is coming and days are getting colder ... perfect recipe to warm up 👌


hehehe well, I hope you enjoy it if you do make it @avizor :)

Ohhh why @jaynie, why... at 1.50am you post this...


hahahahaha!!! Sorrrrry @joelai :D



That looks really good, and actually quite simple too; love the freshness too :)

And thank you so much @jaynie for including me in your footer too; such a good way to promote a few of us at a time :) I appreciate it!!


Always a pleasure love! And yes... a VERY simple dish but SUPER tasty!!!!! And also a refreshing change from the usual "stew" :)

wow.. delicious.

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Thank you :) And yes... it was SUPER tasty!!!


very welcome @jaynie have a nice day dear

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Looks delicious! I love cabbage :) thanks for the shout out, I appreciate it!


My pleasure @balticbadger :) and yeah... cabbage is AWESOME... except when you are cooking it lol stink feet hahahaha


Thanks hon :)

your awesome, really where do you get the time...guess when your really good at something it takes no time at all...eclectic artist you are.


hahaha thanks @eyemon - appreciate the positivity! There are just SO many negative people around these days... its always nice to cross paths with the opposite side of the fence ;)

samart work wonderful taking the pic. i can follow you.@aryaan


Thank you for the support.