Go for it hon!

Woohoo! Ok So I think that @aloha-creations would be great here, also @paintingangels and @yidneth, @eonwarped, @maverickinvicus if they aren't too busy. Ok I gotta go through my list and see ^_^

Whats this all about? I was reading the post and unstand its a group on discord.. whats the group about? Ive seen so many grouos that say the same thing but seems that i get lost in the large fish pond lol. Foxy are you with this group?

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you in a while. So many things happening, just when I thought things were slowing down. My bad.
Yes I am with this group and it is amazing! There is great support, great people to talk to, awesome helpers and really is the place to be. Tomorrow I will message you the ins and outs about it.
Honestly, without a doubt, you'll love it :D

D.a.n.d.a.y.s..... hmm? 🤔 nope! Don’t see it.

Oh I didn't know you wanted to be a steemitblogger!!!!!! This was quite some time ago. @jaynie, think we could add him? He is an AWESOME person to add. Trust me, he will do better than me even... I hope? :p

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