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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
-Winston Churchill-


Not so long ago, (actually no later that Friday night!) as I was networking in English in Barcelona ;) I got asked by somebody “what do you do for a living?”
Now, these days, it has been the most redundant question EVER coming from most of my entourage who can see my progress and success from afar. “Waou, you are making money online! That’s fab and seem so easy, I wanna do the same!”

So today, I want to speak to you about what you see as success and achievements on Steemit, and what I think it actually takes to be successful in general.

Shall we start?

First, let's set the records straight. SUCCESS DOESN’T COME EASILY !!!


Here are the ingredients of what I think success is made out of :

1. Work Hard

Working on your goals, staying focused on your goals, is the key!
Success is no accident!
We must not lose sight of the goals we set for ourselves.
No need to compare yourself to others, there will always be (someone) better than YOU. The important thing is you and your own personal successes. Never give up my friends!
Working hard is also working with a good strategy, a daily routine and a work plan. Give yourself small goals to advance to a big goal. Decompose your main goal into small achievable steps, and start moving toward accomplishing the first one.


2. Perseverance & Dedication

The greatest success is to do better than yourself day in day out. Practice, Practice and Practice....
Nobody said it was easy because success is also failures and disappointments. Especially when you dedicate your time to that. But we must accept failure and disappointment and try again!
Learning from one's mistakes is probably the best learning to succeed in life.
All of the most important things is the love you have for what you do or what you learn!


3. Love & Values

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.
Marc Anthony

And then, It's true, if you love what you do, you will be able to get over any disappointment. You will continue to move forward and you will be satisfied and proud of yourself in the end!

If you'd like to experience the most success in your life you will act them based on the values that are most important to you. To know what you value most, it is interesting and essential to spend some time identifying your own values.
For exemple: integrity, honesty and respect (these are my own values).

Try to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
-Albert Einstein-


4. Emotional management

Success is also knowing how to manage your emotions and be at peace!
I am in the process of starting a new life in a new city. And that's a bit of the same thing, people often only see the fun side but there are also hard times. You have to know how to deal with these comments and see the positive out of them. Even when things seem to go wrong, (or you hurt them somehow) you have to take the positive out of every situation.

And you know what? To stay focused on my goals and be more at peace with myself, I use meditation. It allows me to distance myself from the now, and manage my emotions.


5. Dream big

My dream, like many people, is to be able to travel around the world thanks to the Steemit community!
Why? Because traveling is life. It's the best way to open your heart and your mind! And open-minded is something I consider a lot. No one is perfect and we all need to open our minds, to learn, to discover. What's better than traveling, meeting people and sharing it to the world?


To reach my goal, I work hard every day to improve my English, my presentation and my style.
I try to find interesting and entertaining topics.
I am ME, without trying to be a copy of anyone else. I stay true to myself under all circumstances!

Whenever I can, I introduce the Steemit platform to the people I meet. Last Friday I went to a Meetup to practice my English. I met great people and talked to them about Steemit!
When we believe in the potential of something, we are always more convincing! There were several people interested and I invited them to my next Steemit meeting in Barcelona!

In summary,

The word SUCCESS is not to be taken lightly.
The secret of success is not just one single tip, but, is brought about by a combination of smart habits, a tenacious spirit, and a whole lot of opportunities. Making some conscious changes to your behavior and your attitude could be very positive on the path to success.

There are several paths to get there but the best way there is for you is to create your own. I share with you my experience but, of course, there are many others to be inspired by. I am myself inspired by many people who started with nothing and who are successful today. It seems to me that success is not just about money. Success to me is to be in tune with myself. I strive towards the lifestyle I want for me and the ones I love.

I hope you enjoyed this article! If so, do not hesitate to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM this blog! It's always appreciated =D.

Thank you all for your support and see you soon for the new Flamingirl adventures!

Have a nice day to you all!

"Dream Big"!
Flamingirl, with love <3

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Amazing post and love hear even more of your start in steemit!
As you know, I am pretty new to the steemit community.
What I learned in this short time (60days active)
1.It is not that simple, at it seem on the first side.😭
2.You need a plan and be consistent.
If you don't have that
your job will be harder at it already is. 😋
3.It's not all about the money! It is , but not all👊
4.Be real🤘
@flamingirl did I missed something important?


I think you're absolutely right @marjanko! Your arguments are very relevant! For a newcomer, you knew how to stand out and create a community of followers around you! Congratulations for that and for your involvement! It will be rewarded =).

Can you give me back your holiday dates in Barcelona and also a way to contact you in private (invitation discord, steemit chat ...). Thank you and have a good weekend!


@flamingirl I Don't know what to real work with a discord, but can you send me an invite . My nick is the same as here. @marjanko 3389 Is the number

This is the post I have been waiting for a long time. As always it was very interesting to read.👍 It's very easy to say that this guy or girl is successful, but what people don't see is the relentless effort and sacrifices they have made to achieve that level. Thank you.

Rome was not built in a day


Very well said @pankajborah we as a human see the upper cream but not the effort behind it.


Thanks for your nice comment as always my dear @pankajborah! =)
Do you mine Rome? ^^


Hahaha, My bad, syntax error 😂


So funny 🤣


New quote by @pankajborah : "Room was not built in a day"



Well said. 👍



Thank you soooooo much for your support @benadapt! =D
You have won a new follower!


Thanks @flamingirl - great to connect.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as well. I mostly write about the outdoors, adventure sports and nature. 🏔️🌊🏄

There is on more quote @flamingirl. Success doesn't happen overnight. It happens day by day with forward progress both small and large.


Exactly my friend! Step by Step =D


People are bit impatient these days. They don't want to wait for the result they desire. Like instant to cook food they want instant ready money. lol

Thanks for the post, flamingirl.

I hope you don't mind that I'm testing my bot on your post. My bot runs through hundreds of posts per day selecting a small percentage of posts that have exceptional positivity.

Your post was selected because it has a high concentration of words that give feel-good vibes. My bot and I would like to thank you for creating content that focuses on the bright side.


No problem my friend! You can test your bot on my post =D
Thanks for your interest. Much appreciated!
Have a nice day!


Lovely post - following you from Thailand. :)


Thanks a lot! I LOVE thaïland!!!!!! I would like to return soon to see again this beautiful country! The people are lovely and it's so nice! =D


super! swing by for coffee next time you are in Chiang Mai. :)


I have already visited Chiang Mai and it's amazing !!!! My best memory is when I got lost while jogging and I entered a school. The teachers and children welcomed me all with the smile it was incredible! 😍

yes i'm totally agree with your words. these are some major aspects which we need to be successful on steemit or even in our life. But i just want to ask to you as we all can't post a new creative things everyday as we can't make a creativity everyday so how can we continue with trends?
by the way a best post of the day. doing well keep going.
thank you @flamingirl by @pradeepkr34

Good to see you here again - resteemed!

Yes you need hard work and you should be patient. One should love his work and do it passionately then he will be successful . However what you say about the people posting good post but still not successful? @flamingirl


They must try again and again! Look for ways to attract readers, participate in contests, respond to comments, be active ...

very informative blog @flamingirl i think all your's follow want to know about the secret of your success on steemit. so this blog will proved very helpful for all of us. and we will wait for more interesting blogs like this.

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Thank you!

I like to read this.... so I go and read one more time ;) thank you for this good post.


I hope it's not too bad to read my English... ^^


No..no... it was not bad... it was good :)

You know this post is very inspiring. Someone with a reputation this high that actually responds to almost eveyrone of there comments is what STEEMIT is SUPPOSE to be about and for that I appreciate. I have upvoted and followed and will continue to do so to you!!

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When you get your address leave it in this discord so the BOTS don't steal it :sunglasses:

Thank you for the tips my dear! I'm so happy that you achieved success on Steemit! And yes, people often don't see hard work and the real issues but you always stay positive and this is the most important!


Sometimes I lack inspiration and I get discouraged but I never give up! =D
Steem on!
See you soon in Mallorca youhouuuuu


Can't wait!!! Well, I think it's normal.. all is good as long as you don't give up! :)

Failure is a stepping stone to success!

Thank you for this inspiring and informative post. We need more posts like this getting good payouts.

Very good words

Plz upvote my posts and follow @haytham1982

A very good article. All that you wrote so it is, but in practice it is quite different.

@flamingirl Loving what You do is the most important factor. :)

Wow, super well written with all those quote. I totally agree with all the point especially to dream big and do what we love! Totally!!! I've also been super passianate about the platforms and spread the words about it as well. Loving my Steem life so far and hope it keeps getting better and better. Steem on with the pink vibes! :D ❤

wow what a nice post keep it up @flamingirl

Good ideas I like it it's a bit like my article
Please read and vote

In my opinion Patience is very important key factor in steemit. Sometimes we work hard but we didn't get back the same reward. Actually at that time our reward is checking our Patience level. So be patience and focused.

This is just perfect @flamingirl. Many persons give up when the pressure is low.
I still remember my mentor saying that "success is not a day's job, rather a continuous pursuit" when you're Comfortable with your present state, you most likely remain there forever.

I'm a dancer and traveler too! So glad to have found you!

Upvoting and following!

OMG this article came to me in a perfect moment.I'm new here on steemit I really enjoy create new content to the platform but sometimes is difficult to deal with failure. For the newcomers is really difficult to be noted by other people, it is not about getting money is about to be seen. I really enjoy your post, now I feel better and I want to keep trying. I admire your work greetings from Venezuela.