Steemit Update [ November 7th, 2023 ] : The Steemit Awards 2023

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As we approach the end of the year it is time once again for the annual Steemit Awards.

This will be the fourth year for the Awards and we hope as many people as possible will put forward their nominations.

As before there will be awards in three categories - Best Author, Best Contributor to the Community and Best Community.

The winners in each category will win very attractive votes from @steemcurator01.

The Steemit Awards Categories

This year the Awards will be in the same three categories as last year...

Best Author

This will be for the individual who has consistently produced the highest quality posts.

Their posts might be on any subject, and in any language.

Best Contributor to the Community

This will be for the person who has made the greatest contribution to building the Steem community.

It might be through their work as a Steem Representative, as a Community Curator, as a developer, or through setting up and running a Community, or organizing contests or other events or projects.

Best Community

This will be for the most active and successful Community.

The Community might be new or old, and might represent a country, or cover a particular subject.

It is not just about numbers of members, but about community activity such as running contests, encouraging and rewarding quality posting, retaining existing members and welcoming and helping newcomers. Building sustainability and self-reliance through growing a community curation account is also important.

The Steemit Awards Prizes

For each of the three categories there will be at least three winners who will each receive substantial prize votes from @steemcurator01 - with a top prize of a 100% vote.

Depending on the quality and quantity of entries there may be additional prize votes from @steemcurator02.

Communities will need to have a dedicated community curation account to receive the prize vote.

The Steemit Awards Nominations

We are inviting all members of the Steem community to make nomination posts.

You can nominate yourself or others, but you can only make one nomination for each category, and you should only make one nomination post.

For each category nomination you should explain in no more than 250 words why you think the person or community should win the award.

Nomination posts can be made in any language and must be submitted by 11pm UTC on Friday, December 8th, 2023.

The posts should include the tag #steemitawards2023 as one of the first 4 tags.

You should also include a tag for your country such as #nigeria or #indonesia.

@steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 will be voting on some of the best nomination posts as they come in.

The Steemit Awards Winners

The Steemit Team will review all the nomination posts, and the supporting comments on them.

From these posts and our observations over the past year we will select the winners for each category.

We plan to announce the winners by Wednesday, December 20th, 2023.

We look forward to reading your nomination posts.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

TRX Rewards

Because of the current crypto market conditions it has been decided to pause TRX rewards.

This pause will allow Steem / Tron to thoroughly analyze the program’s impact and explore innovative approaches that will provide greater value to our users in the future.

During this pause, we encourage users to continue engaging with our platform and exploring all the features and opportunities it offers.


It became a good tradition that you are doing on annual basis to nominate the best Steemians at the end of the year, I am sure many will take part in that.

As to Tron rewards, it is indeed frustrating, I have asked Joanna few times if there any problems and if users will get their rewards, because as Steem Reps we are approached with such questions so many time. I was reassured that the people working on that issue and it will come back. But now with this announcement, it is disappointing that the Steemit Team has not announced that earlier, because many we have accumulated a large amount of Tron that now will be lost, because nobody knows exactly if that will be then paid back like lump-sum like in any ordinary organisation.

As to Tron price just a year ago it was $0,05 and today $0,097 and Steem too it is better than few month ago. In general the Cryptomarket itself is recovering slowly is that then bad.

I am sure that I am speaking from many users if I say that it would be good if you confirm that Tron rewards will be back with th backlog of past month and if you would be kindly let users know when it is going to happen.

The users should be encouraged and motivated if you would like them to continue being active and to retain them on Steem.

Best regards,

I guess I have gotten cynical and skeptical as well, @stef1. Whereas it doesn't bother me that there will be no more TRX rewards, what does bother me is the total lack of communication about it.

I don't know why I'm surprised, though. Steemit, Inc. has a long history of keeping the community totally in the dark as to what is happening. I'm not even sure those who run witnesses even know what's going on...

You wrote this comment two days ago and still, there is no reply.
It makes me wonder, "Where is everybody?".

This platform became so centralised. One day they will stop paying even STEEM to content creators.
I don't know how the Steemit team has not already been sacked.
Please read my latest post,

Have a nice weekend!

Sir, you have raised a very burning question, I too have not received my Tron rewards for almost many months, but many times before also they had come in lump sum. That's why I never questioned anyone. But now if the increased rates come down again, we all may suffer losses.

As a member, can I also show my contributions and nominations to Steemit? In which community should this be posted? Its last date is 8-11-2023 UTC 11PM but not a single entry has been seen yet. I am asking you because you always adopt a cooperative attitude.

Hi, you can post your suggestions anywhere you like - as long as you use the relevant tag. And the last possible day is 8th December ;-))

Thank you @weisser-rabe madam , I am thankful to you that you have guided me properly,
And I admit that I really made a big blunder, that I read November instead of December.
Actually yesterday was 8th November in India and I got very excited after reading this post, that's why I thought perhaps today is the last date.
With respect and honor.


A small clarification is required about no of posts. Will it be one post nominating all categories or separate post for each category. Regards.

Good morning! That's clearly pointed out: You can make only one nomination post - for a single, two or all categories in one.

Thanks a lot. Sorry to disturb you. Then the words limit is all inclusive. Regards

The words limit is: no more than 250 words per category...


I think we need more categories...

Something along the lines of "Best known Author with 'Gorilla' in their username" or "Best known Author who lives in Eastbourne". I can see these categories being tightly contested.

Also, can you live stream the awards ceremony? I'd like to see esteemed Steemit users present it with the winners being interviewed via video link. If esteemed Steemit users are unavailable, I'm sure that @tronbeary would be happy to do it.

I'd be happy to do it. I don't think that anybody really knows who I am and I've been tied up to this cage for too long!



Did Tronbeary eat all the TRX?

They are gathered in bearcave


😂😂😆😆 funny you friend

OMG. The mob will lynch the poor bear...

😭 你是在骂我胖吗?

😭 Are you calling me fat?


Yea even most engaged

I was thinking at least the pending Tron rewards would be shared before the pause, because I must say this news is depressing. Firstly we lost SBD now we are losing Tron.

Please I want to plead if it's possible the pending rewards should be shared.

We have not lost SBD. 😊
SBD prints again whether the price of Steem stays at $ 0.255 or more over 3 days

We keep hoping steem to the sky

Because of the current crypto market conditions it has been decided to pause TRX rewards.

Kindly explain whether rewards will be distributed for past months when the market get better or is this the end of TRX program ?

I'm happy for the award, definitely some people will be awarded for their efforts.

As for Tron, it's saddening how we have so had hopes of receiving our Tron reward but nevertheless, we will still be active.

You have stopped giving trx. You should have given an announcement 2 months in advance that trx will no longer be given.

Your trx payment is stopped but it is showing in wallet. Please update steemit wallet. @steemitblog

paused TRX again booooo

Hello Steemitblog,

Please elaborate on "market conditions".

This current market condition is better than last year.

Better market for TRX program means , lower TRX price ?

The long awaited tron news is here, we hope for the the best, How about the missing trons?

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