SteemitAchievers is still throwing money down the drain!

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Stop it, it hurts! Ouch! Please no!

SA Still Doesnt Believe in me.jpg

@steemitachievers, by no means is this a dig at you but for the sake of our community, please stop doing this!

Today I was reading the SA delegation post and I then decided to be nosy

Hey Hey Hey what can I say.jpg

and take a look at their wallet before delegating, and I saw the dreaded
Now, by checking the steem price history, we can see that on the 19th (8 days ago), this could have been worth up to:
.747 (Rate 8 Days Ago) * 5 (Input) = 3.735 SP
That means they lost out on 0.246 SP just by not being bothered to use the
This may not be enough of an amount for @steemitachievers to care about, but to me, it is just an extra five clicks to make an extra quarter SP!!! ~ FIVE CLICKS, COME ON! (This is only one transaction, they will have lost more!)

What if they didn't know?


Yeah, so, you respect if they don't take your advice, so what!


Ooof, owee, owee, ouch! My Nuts! (What a kick in the nuts)

So, just in case anyone, including @steemitachivers wants a quick tutorial (bigger one coming soon):

Steem Homepage:
Click the 3 bars on the side
Click currency market
(Go to
Click the green lowest ask (Click 1)
Click and type in either amount of steem/sbd (Click 2)
Click Buy Steem (Click 3)
Check That the price is above or equal to the price on the previous screen for an instant trade (if not, take 0.001 off of the STEEM amount or increase the price/STEEM)
Click Ok (Click 4)

Enter Active Key/Master key and click sign in (Click 5)

Done! (If it doesn't sell, scroll down and click cancel, then try again!)


I plea that all the @steemitachievers try and help me convince them #just5clicks
@chinito @mermaidvampire @cadawg :) @junebride @long888 @whitehatartist @jimcustodio @randomkindness @jacinta.sevilla @lebron2016 @kneelyrac @olivia08 @whitehatartist @hiddenblade et al! (And the wonderful @surpassinggoogle :))


About CADawg:

CADawg is Brittish, 16 Years old and wants to become a web developer/programmer.
He currently knows 7 Programming Languages: Visual Basic, Python 2, PHP, HTML, (S)CSS, JavaScript and C++
He wishes to pay for his driving lessons using his earnings from steemit.
He dreams to start his own web development/programming business and travel around the world, exploring all different cultures. CADawg enjoys writing code, mainly in PHP and Python in his free time, as well as playing games.

Check Out: @mermaidvampire

Support SurpassingGoogle

And Vote For SteemGigs as Witness or Click Here and enter steemgigs in the box, or if you want to give him your voting power and decisions, on that same page type in surpassinggoogle in the second box as a proxy.
Support his other brainchild projects like #untalented, #steemgigs and #teardrops.

Thank you!


Hahaha! This gave me a good laugh coz I feel how you are doing a *facepalm when you did this... Thanks, I appreciate this #just5clicks crash course for everyone. Stay awesome.

Thanks mermvamps, most definately!

Thanks a lot,
~ Happy @cadawg

You have a point, thank you very much, we will look into this.

And from now on we will no longer use blocktrades every time we want to power up, thanks again!

Thank you! Progress!

Much love and successes from the future
~ @cadawg

Thank you @cadawg for your concerned.It is a good idea and deserve sharing to everyone to know about this.

Yeah, I thought so too!

Thank you very much
~ @cadawg

Welcome son.

Oooh nice to know! Thanks for sharing man!

Not a problem! Nice to save our community!

I tried it earlier. And there's really a difference. Thanks for making this simple tutorial. I'll use Market from now on. 👍🏻

So glad I could save you from the unnecessary loss that comes with blocktrades!

#just5clicks @cadawg

Thanks to @pinay this has saved me a few sbds. She informed me of this months ago I think. Everyone should be made aware of this.

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