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RE: Steemit Paid Voting Bots Guide Part 3: Advanced ROI Theory for @Randowhale, @Booster, Whaleshares

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This is great, thank you!

It would be interesting to see someone compare the gains of using the bots compared to investing in a lot of SP yourself and upvoting your own post. After reading this post I will for sure start using bots and see where that takes me.

I also feel like people willing to spend money to promote their own content would have the right incentives to produce more quality content.
Whats the point of attracting eyeballs if what you're showing off is shit ? :P


I wish that were the case! But, why produce quality content when curators are already showering your posts w upvotes. If shit produces upvotes then keep on shitting!

By the way, part 2 of the guide does compare the gains of the bots. Check it out here.

Already read all three parts (and upvoted, good stuff). I guess that it makes sense to keep shitting lol.
In the long run I still think shit will produce bad ROI. When the rewards on the platform actually reflects the amount of eyeballs ($ per view is highly inflated atm) people should generally be disincentivized from shitting all day.

I think it's safe to say everything on steemit is hightly inflated, as the value of the platform in it's current state is not 400m. This ofc is also artificially high as people want a stake in something with potential.

Good point, it should be dollar or upvote per view that counts. I'll have to do some research on the common factors that result in higher upvotes.

Not sure if Steem is inflated at $400M. If you compare it to the other coins on the top 100 list, I would argue that it's extremely undervalued. Why? Because the majority of the others aren't even a functioning product yet. If you're talking about comparing to non-crypto companies then maybe you're right...although growth social networking companies do get a huge multiplier.

Yes, I agree that valuing steem/steemit is incredibly hard to do.
It kinda falls between two chairs since one aspect is the platform (social network) and the other aspect is the croptocurreny.

I think it will be worth more over time anyways, but earnings per post is inflated because it correlates more with the amount invested in steem rather than the value derived from the amount of people reading the post. You'd have to look hard to find another platform that can reward users 1k$ for getting 2k views on any contet.

It will probably take quite a while for this ecosystem to find/establish it's equilibrium, we're still early in the discovery phase :)

Yeah, and for selfish reasons I hope growth continues to be in a steady controlled state.

Just discovered, will do some research!

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