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There's no Steemit blogger who didn't hear about bid bots. Most of them using bid bots to boost their posts to trending or hot page, also to make posts more visible and valuable. As time goes people are wondering if there is something new, some new model who can guarantee profitable ROI and user experience. And answer to this question is here.


Long waiting Steemit revolution has finally come.

If you are someone who write posts everyday and pay to get the best upvote, the website is for you. @Bid.Bot makes sure you always have the best chances to get the ROI you want!

This new model is not only unique on Steemit but sophisticated and user oriented with guaranteed return on investment. With @Bid.Bot you will always know what you will get for your money.

First thing you need to do is to load website and click on "Login" button in the upper right corner. This will connect your Steemit account through famous SteemConnect. After you successfully login to the two options on the left side waiting for you, it's "CREDITS" and "MAGIC".

What this options means?

Both options are for investing in upvote of your posts.

"CREDITS" (1 Credit = 1 SBD) - You can buy "CREDITS" with major cryptos BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XMR, DASH, SBD and STEEM.

While "MAGIC" is obtained by using "CREDITS" to invest in upvote or as reward if you delegate Steem Power to @Bid.Bot account.

Before you boost your post, you need to select one of five options. You will see that ROI and the profit itself is ultimately dependent on the option you choose.

  • Slow: +10% estimated profits on your purchase. May take up to 3 days to be fully delivered
  • Standard: +5% estimated profits on your purchase. May take up to 2 days to be fully delivered
  • Fast: +3% estimated profits on your purchase. May take up to 24 hours to be fully delivered
  • Express: No estimated ROI, may be break-even or up. May take up to 8 hours to be fully delivered
  • Instant: May produce no profits on your purchase. Should be fully delivered within 2 hours

@Bid.Bot giving you the difference back as "MAGIC", in case it wasn't able to generate it for you. Than you can use "MAGIC" on some other post in the same way as "CREDITS".

@Bid.Bot Steemit account has 53,200 SP. If you use more "CREDITS" for an individual post than @Bid.Bot can give, it will pay the rest to the bot's from the site, in order to give you the guaranteed amount for the ultimate "CREDITS".

If you decide to delegate Steem Power to @Bit.Bot account, you will receive payment every 24 hours in the form of STEEM and "MAGIC". When you collect enough "MAGIC" you can use it and get upvote on your post.

Here is an example of payout to user who delegated 500 SP to @Bid.Bot:

bidbot 1.png

The user @bitrocker2020 would receive 1.1 STEEM and 1.195 "MAGIC" after five days. That means he could use 1 "MAGIC" on every fifth day and get upvote of about $ 1.5.

As you can see @Bid.Bot pays the same as the most popular bot's on steemit for 500 SP delegation. But as a bonus gives "MAGIC", which (depending on the amount of SP you delegated) can be used to get upvote from the @Bid.Bot itself.

So monthly for 500 SP delegation:

  • From other bot's you get about: 6.5-7.5 STEEM.
  • From @Bid.Bot you get about: 6.5 STEEM + 7.17 "MAGIC".

If you use that 7 "MAGIC" for upvote from @Bid.Bot you will get about: 4 SBD/STEEM and 4 SP after posts payouts.


Whatever you want, to get upvote or reward for delegated Steem Power, @Bid.Bot will give you maximum return on your investment. This brand new unique service will become your number one choice. Like most of us who already try it, you will definitely be more than satisfied.


That's a whole new way to profit with bots. Its bit complicated and slow but you will guarantee with profit. And that's what everyone's loved.

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A newbie like me, cannot make use of it.

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