What are You Worth - Is Your Vote Worth Anything?

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I've yet to meet a whale.

Until I meet a whale my growth is slow and my vote power minimal, but should that mean that my $0.01 vote is worth less than the ladies and gents who earn you $15+ for a single upvote? quite possibly yes.

I am a nobody. I am but just another fish in the pond. Am I the smallest? No. But still my vote holds the same monetary value as those who are amongst the smallest in these waters.

I vote on the stuff I like, because I appreciate the work. My vote for you is my gratitude for your content, and any monetary gains this provides you is a bonus. I do wish I could reward more for all of your posts, 'but I aint even gotta dollar, baby'

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Please except my upvote as any other upvote on your post, regardless of monetary value. Take my vote as my stamp of approval. Take it as a friend judging a friends work in a positive light, and put weight on the friendship. =)
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Every little does help

Keep voting on the content you like with your $0.01 rewards, keep growing by receiving other peoples $0.01 rewards.
Our reward pool will grow and the gift we give will become bigger!

Thank you for your support

Every vote counts for me. I really enjoy getting your upvotes whether its worth $0.01 or $100. Of course I would like to get paid but most of all, I like to know that my content is being appreciated by the community.

You might lure a whale

Keep producing your cool content and causing a commotion. You never do know when a whale might swim by and take a look at whats happening. Whales also have a thirst for learning and there's plenty of us to learn from!


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my votes r worthless.... but i voted

every little helps!
Keep using your vote. it's made me happy and I'm sure it will make other producers just as happy =)

Nice information keep it up follow you

Your'e welcome

Thank you
I hope to have more great content on its way!

I upvoted you now don't spend 0.01 all in one place

I'm keeping my $0.01 rewards in the piggy bank =)

Thank you for the upvote and message

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I like handing out big votes, you got a 100% for me for being positive and not whining about vote power, fairness, blah blah blah. I've been on Steemit for almost a year, and "back in the day" it was not only impossible for a minnow to make a difference, it was literally hopeless. I spent months earning over 7,000 SP and back before the whale no vote experiment and HF19 my vote on a 0.00 post would deliver a big, fat zero. I'm no whale, not even a dolphin yet really, I'm more of a salmon, but it's so sweet to be able to actually make a difference for people now, see post payouts jump when I drop a vote. Keep up the good work man, you will get there eventually!

Great, Thank you kind sir!

It's always better to be positive, nothing is really bad if you can look at it in a positive way. Easy or hard, it is what is and there's plenty we can do about it =)

It was great to catch a salmons attention! and even better that you enjoyed it enough to upvote.

You know we are just some little fishies but someday we will grow bigger if not something bigger will eat us:)

Let's hope we don't get eaten! We have so much to give =)

I need support

We can all support each other =)

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