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RE: Community funded Mobile App is in Beta - You can test it NOW

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This post was funded/promoted by @DevFund using a budget of 500.00 USD on ~20 voting bots.

100% of the money donated to or earned via upvotes to this account will be used to fund and promote Steem ecosystem development like this one.


Please upvote this comment to help this project instead or the parent one.
Thank you.

How would that help? Lol. Both are by the same user. Maybe because of the duplicate votes?

Both help, I think the goal is to not have it as the very top comment

Yeah.. You are very much correct..

Wow, you are so helpful! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This really keeps our devs motivated to work harder and faster :)))

Just an hour ago we have added qr code reader for iOS

The work is awesome!!!!!

I have search so much for this type of app before to no avail.....

But thanks be to God who uses people like you to bless and make things comfortable for all....


[email protected]

Android phone...

Added you to the list @eghireme2, thank you for your kind compliments. We are trying our best. Thank you for becoming our tester. With your help we can make the final product much better.

You can try to access this link in a couple of minutes:

Please provide a google email. Otherwise it does not work.

Lol, you got so much money for this. I'm proud. Thank you for making the effort you made without a promise of remuneration. <3

Wow thank you. Had to look up this word google :)) Now I now a new word

An app like this would significantly boost content production for people on the go.

It can be a pain trying to get a desktop or laptop sometimes.

Thanks for doing this, it is much needed!

We are thrilled to see so much feedback about the mobile app! I know what you mean about getting a desktop. Most of the time we are with our mobile.

Thank you for your support!

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