Here comes the black flag! No more paradigmatic behaviour patterns!

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I am really thankful for all the great and motivated comments I got on my last two posts. We have shared our thoughts about the question weather it is good to flag random comments that show that the person did not even read the headline of the post. Here is my radging pro-flagging post and here my winy I-can-not-judge no other post. I am happy to see how many people were interested to discuss the topic and both sides have argumentation of the same strenght. My conclution is that I will go for my intuition and only flag when I feel like it in the moment. Not making it a strikt recation to shit comments nor taking this tool for helping the plattform to support good content away from myself. In the end we are all making mistakes sometimes and I should not judge myself to hard eather. I think that over the time on steemit I have become very much emotionally involved with this community and I see two big problems:

Newusers have only a low chance to get seen - so they feel forced to upvote for upvote or write random comments. My dvice is to do the opposite. Comment on articles you read and comment with real interest for exchange of more than just the upvote. This will help the community grow because it is far more attractive to read a comment written by heart than by bot.

Long term users have already made a lot of friends in the community. We support them of course because they support us too and this is how we make our money. We have got to think of the new users more. We are also depending on them. They must have a chance here, otherwise this community will not attract anyone who is new for a long time.


I repeat myself but I have to say again: thank you for participating in the discussion. I felt very weird during the last 24 hours trying to find the right paradimn. I found there is none. I hope people will again disagree with this statement in the comments. I was not suprised that in both posts pro and anti flag there have been more agreeing comments than disagreeing. But I have to admit I read the disagrement with more pleasure. It is a chance to learn something new and change the point of view. I hope you are having the same experience. Real discussion is not easy because we are all more or less depending on the earnings we have trough this social media plattform and what we really do not want, as content producers, is to get in a flag war. I have realized that my harsh first statement was bothering myself and I felt imprisoned by my earlier thoughts. Glad I can share by thinking process with you, glad you wonderful people made me grow, glad it was still fun :)

Lots of Light and Love <3


It took me 20 mins to get that exact shade of blue with acrylics , but totally worth it. Havent used this shade before.

I appreciate the discussion on this. We all come from different walks of life and experiences. I try to leave good positive comments as much as possible. Together we learn and earn..know and grown. Together be become the STEEMIT FAMILY! Blessings.

I just saw this, I wrote also something about flagging and my conlusion would be just flag whales or people, who have some reputation, small accounts, I would teach or ignore. Mostlly tehy just diapear after some time or they are learning and change their behavior.

I just read your post about flagging and I think I'm going to start doing the same thing. I'm tired of dealing with comments from users who aren't interested in actually engaging with me or leaving any meaningful input.

I'd rather not spend my vote power on flagging, but people need to be taught that we don't want to see spamming or cheap tricks on this platform.

Also, I hope you won't consider this spam, but as there's no direct messaging function on Steemit, leaving a comment is my only option:

I was inspired by your Nude Drawing Contest to start my own contest. I love your art and would love it if you would contribute something to the contest. You can see the post here

Great idea to make this discussion.
There should be a smooth way to kind of remind Steemit users what is the core of the platform, and if fake and short comments get more common, it all gets more fake... Hope that Steemit platform itself is gonna improve from the side of us users, but also from admin team thtough introducing some new features and restrictions.

Thank you for your comment. I hope the new users will learn about this and the older users have the patience to teach them :)

I'm really glad about users like you and @sature who make the platform more fun and real, even for newbies like me.

You keep inspiring me every time.

Really its a good idea. I strongly agree with you.

yes i agreed with you, do not be greedy hehehe

In which point you agreed? I do not get your statement. This is a very complex question... :D

Nice post...
Please upvote my post...

Nice post...
Please upvote my post...

Sorry I'm my good friend. Maybe my comments are not so connected with your content. Because I am constrained by language. Sometimes google translations still have flaws. But I used him all this time in a relationship with my friends. I'm sure you're a very good person. You definitely understand with this problem. I have long known you and thank you very much for always supporting my work so far. May always be successful for you @yoganarchista.

I did not give anybody a flag, I have no heart for it

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