sure ok done ...feel free to restreem my last one I kind of like it lol

Got a link?

Nice.. commented, resteemed, upvoted

hmmm from looking over your blog and the vote numbers I think you have recently learned something went from pennies to wow ...

Lol... I am not quite at a WOW... but I certainly am getting a better understanding in what makes people tick here. I used to run and then owned an online forum And a lot of that knowledge applies here.

I am just an old fart that likes to blog away so no background ... but I am having fun.... and I have a great job that I love so I am not here for the money as much as to try and bring a little of my views to the world.and the odd quote from George Carlin. Also way to many of my posts where being censored on youtbe lmao.. Guess they don't get George Carlin or something lol .But will keep an eye on your blog to see how its done.

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