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I decided to put a Beginners Guide to SteemIt on my web site. The guide will include observations that I think will be helpful.

For example, SteemIt is about upvotes and not follows. New users shouldn't waste time begging for follows.

There are several posts advising new users to upvote their own posts. New users are better off using their upvotes to build traffic.

Since the price of STEEM is considerably off its high, I think new users should consider buying enough STEEM POWER so that their upvote is worth two cents.

One should never buy STEEM on credit. I am not following my advice.

To fund my little guide, I am selling advertisements at the incredibly low rate of 10,000 ad views for 1 STEEM DOLLAR or equivalent STEEM.

I am adding new pages to the guide as you read this. So the guide will change.

Let me know if you have other suggestions for the guide.

Yesterday I wrote an assessment of my first 168 days on SteemIt. At the time I had dropped about 649 posts and have made about $14.00. I am a slow writer. It takes me about an hour to write a post. I figure that I have made maybe a penny an hour for the time I've spent on this site. (of course I am doing things like downloading and reading the code for the site.)

The picture shows the rewards that I've received from



I like it, good start so far.

I would add more information about powering down - specifically how it takes place of many weeks, preventing you from cutting and running in an emergency.

As far as new chapters go, I would suggest adding something about popular tags that can help get your work seen. Some of these coincide with contests, others are curation communities. Things like "comedyopenmic" and "steemstem" are great ways to increase visibility on your posts.

That's a great idea. I was thinking about making pages where I list SteemIt resources.

To save programming time, I think I will just stick the contest and resource links on my directory site .

Now I need to go out and find interesting contests. If you know of any other good contests, let me know.

I might make a page for popular keywords like "steemstem" as well.

There are several ongoing contests that I follow, but I'm sure there are many more that I'm not.

Pay if forward contest

In addition, there are tags that are monitored that I'm familiar with that could help gain visibility:

archisteem (you should check this out! :) )

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